BATS Theatre, The Stage, 1 Kent Tce, Wellington

11/09/2022 - 11/09/2022


Production Details

By Peter Wilson
Directed by Jacqueline Coats

Presented by Little Dog Barking Theatre Company

Party Pigs! is a delightful puppetry story set around the excitement and anticipation of a child’s birthday party – piggy style!

After accidentally spoiling one little piggy’s birthday, nine little piggies decide to throw a surprise party for their friend. Working together, the excitement builds until they just can’t wait any longer. This joyous family-friendly play reflects a world of fun and games, whether real or imaginary, and reminds us as adults not to take life too seriously.

Brought to you by New Zealand’s own internationally acclaimed Little Dog Barking Theatre Company, this piggie party is perfect for children aged 2–7 years old.

By arrangement with Playmarket.

“The puppets are stunning works of art.” The White Tree, Deborah Rea and Luna Rama, Theatreview, 2021.

Bats Theatre, The stage
11 September 2022
10am & 1pm

The Stage is wheelchair accessible. For full details about accessibility at BATS, Click here.

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Creative Team
Original Stage Adaptation: Peter Wilson (from nursery rhyme This Little Piggy Went To Market)
Original Design: Tish Oldham
Puppets Repair & Rebuild: Sharon Johnson
Director: Jacqueline Coats
Performer: Kenny King  

Children’s , Family , Puppetry , Theatre ,

30 mins

Masters of audience connection

Review by Deborah Rea with Luna Rama and Dev Rama 16th Sep 2022

Nine little piggies accidentally spoil their friend’s birthday, leaving one very sad little piggy. Nine little piggies must work hard to surprise their friend with a new party.

My kids love Little Dog Barking shows and are so excited when they recognise Kenny King as he takes the stage. “Yes!” celebrates my eldest.

King, along with director/co-creator Jacqueline Coates and the late great Peter Wilson, have created a show filled with joy and cheek that children of all ages will lap up. Party Pigs tackles the question of ‘how many party pigs can one procure in a pair of pants with plenty of pockets?’

Little Dog Barking are masters of audience connection through ease and simplicity.

As a true sign of a show that hits the mark, the mini reviewers with me rush through the front door at home to gather up all manner of pig and piggish-enough toys to create a sequel where we get to see little pig open his present.

Luna (aged 6):


A pig was having a party. The pigs ate all the food. The pigs baked a cake. They were toy pigs and the man was making them be puppets but he had puppet pigs too.

The guy accidentally ate the pigs butt. Hahahahahahaha! He ate all the food but the pigs had eaten it first and they were inside when he bit it.

It was so funny. The man was so funny. I like his other show too, where the rubbish flew out of the bin (Paper Shaper) and the one where the seed grew (The White Tree/Plant a Seed). He always does good shows. I want to go to every show he does.

Dev (aged 3 3/4):

It was the pig’s birthday. The guy ate the piggy’s bum by mistake. The piggy was eating the food like the apple and the cake and the other one cake. The pig was making a different birthday cake for the green pig and the blue pig accidentally ate the cake. So the red pig had to make it all over again. And the green pig had to count the pigs in his pocket.

I liked that the pigs had a present. But what was in that present? I think it was a toy. I think it was a monkey toy what is a present and it was a wind up box and it says dododododo boing!

The green pig didn’t eat his cake!

The man was so silly. What show will he be in next?


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