PAUL EGO AmazingBalls

Q Theatre, Rangatira, Auckland

07/05/2014 - 10/05/2014

Hannah Playhouse, Cnr Courtenay Place & Cambridge Terrace, Wellington

29/04/2014 - 03/05/2014

NZ International Comedy Festival 2014

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He has been the winner of not only the Billy T Award and the NZ Comedy Guild Award for ‘Best TV Performance’ (for 7DAYS) but also ‘Entertainer Of The Year’ for his role as “Evil Wizard” in his 7th Form production of Aladdin. Those achievements alone make 7Days star Paul Ego totes Amazingballs – as he will demonstrate at the 2014 NZ International Comedy Festival.

LOL at least 25% longer with the dope Ego live on stage and, OMG, in da’ flesh! (Translation: Laugh overly long up to 25% more than you normally would with the cool Paul Ego live on stage and, oh my goodness, in person!)

Perhaps the closest New Zealand has to a raconteur, Paul Ego can sing, can dance but more importantly knows how to entertain. His quick witted, left field observations have a distinctly mean edge to them; fitting then that he is a team captain on TV3’s hit panel-show 7Days. It’s that wit that also saw Ego part of The Morning Rumble crew on The Rock.

A much in demand live and corporate MC, and once called “the funniest old fart in on stage in New Zealand today”, Paul Ego is to NZ Comedy what screaming goats are currently to the internet – Amazingballs.

Paul Ego has enormous charm and a terrific rapport with his audience” – NZ Herald

His fast pace and laid-back style delighted the audience” City Voice

7Days quickest and often dirtiest wit. He really should have his own fanclub– NZ Herald

As part of the 2014 NZ International Comedy Festival in cahoots with Old Mout Cider, grab some mates and join us for a great night of laughs from 24 April – 18 May.

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29 April – Sat 03 May, 7pm
Venue:  Hannah Playhouse, Wellington
Tickets:  Adults $28.00 | Conc. $24.00
Groups 6+ $24.00* service fees may apply
Bookings:  0800 TICKETEK (842 538)

Dates: 7th – 10th May, 7pm
Venue: Rangatira at Q, 305 Queen Street, Auckland CBD
Tickets: $24 – $30 (booking fees apply)
Bookings: 09 309 9771 or  

Show Duration:  1 hour


Skilful, powerful, affectionate fun

Review by Johnny Givins 08th May 2014

Paul Ego is a really funny man.  Now that might not seem like a surprise in a Comedy Festival chock full of local and international comedians.  Many of the sets I have seen have a tight well-crafted journey from situation to situation with the big payoff laugh.  Ego has a different approach. 

He spends a great deal of his set genuinely getting to know his audience.  He interacts with random men and women as he asks questions and turns their answers into immediate fun.  He dances on a word and sparkles with his twinkly naughty eyes as he affectionately makes ridiculous fun of his target. 

Paul Ego is an improviser who relishes the opportunity to show us how professional, skilled and entertaining a professional comedian he has become.  Widely known for as the Team One leader on TV3’s 7 Days, he does not disappoint in his one hour live set. 

It is quite a way into the set when he starts to tell his family stories and use his prepared themes. By then the audience rolls with the tales of his life as a ‘male’, his boys, his ineffective father role and his desire to have a plan B in his life.   

He explores the different roles he has thought about (if he wanted to change jobs) – Teacher, Policeman, Doctor – with reference to the audience.  Mainly the humour is safe and inoffensive with outrageous primary set ups, like “Doctors don’t need training”; “Teachers teach useless stuff”. He also sings and does a great crooner section as he mixes Crooner with Coroner.

It is all fun and certainly hits the funny bone of many of the middle NZ audience that fills the Rangatira Theatre at Q to capacity on opening night.  Best set piece of the gig is the relationship with his seven year-old boy and his inability to actually tell him a joke to make him laugh.  The long story finally turns and once again proves that fart jokes are the best! 

Paul Ego – Amazingballs is a skilful and powerful performance by NZ’s top professional comedian who knows his audience, plays to them with affection and makes them laugh: a great result! 

The show is just over an hour.  One of the highlights of my comedy festival.


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Likeable Ego risk-averse but satisfying

Review by Simon Howard 30th Apr 2014

As a comedian well known to a large part of the New Zealand public – thanks to his role as a team captain on the TV3 panel show 7 Days – Paul Ego strides onto the stage of the Hannah Playhouse with an assured confidence.  

A slide-show analysis of the title Amazingballs begins the set with fairly mixed results, which leads into the main narrative thread of the hour, as Ego begins to look into other professions he could work in if he decides not to be a comedian anymore. This comes about, we are told, as a result of his seven year old son asking him to tell a joke and his subsequent failure to make him laugh.

From a police officer to a teacher, all the way through to a telemarketer, Ego approaches his show in a relaxed and calm manner, never really leaving the centre of the stage, and using the slide-show as his guide. Other than a couple of minor heckles from the back row, he sticks to his material without masses of audience interaction.

This is a slick and professional set, as Ego produces just enough laughs to keep his audience onside, yet at the same time he fails to elicit the belly laughs he would no doubt have been hoping for.

Whilst there are several segments of his material which hit the mark – in particular his experience of help lines and his ability to short-circuit the system – the show spends too long playing it safe. Not enough risks are taken and so whilst this is a pleasant enough show, it never quite reaches its full potential. Several stories and observations take a great deal of time to get through without the necessary punch line or satisfying pay off at the end of them.

His final recollection of how his son manages to make his joke sound funny to his friend is undoubtedly the highlight of the night and an extremely funny story to send the near-capacity crowd into the night with. 

Likeable and at ease with his audience, Paul Ego delivers a satisfying hour of stand-up which ends on a notable high note and will undoubtedly appeal to a broad audience. 


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