BATS Theatre, The Heyday Dome, 1 Kent Tce, Wellington

02/05/2017 - 06/04/2017

Basement Theatre Studio, Lower Greys Ave, Auckland

16/05/2017 - 20/05/2017

Globe Theatre, 104 London St, Dunedin

15/03/2018 - 17/03/2018

NZ International Comedy Festival 2017

Dunedin Fringe 2018

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The summer is coming. You know what that means: beaches, bathing suits and boys (or girls depending on your sexual orientation. I personally prefer girls I just didn’t want to ruin the alliteration).

Hi, I’m Paul Williams and I’m here to teach you how to be a ladies’ man or a man’s lady or a man’s man or a ladies’ lady. Again, whatever your sexual orientation is.

There’ll be some songs, there’ll be some jokes and also I’ll help you find your one true love. Cheers.

“Paul keeps it real.” – James Acaster.

“Insanely talented.”– Rose Matafeo.


Wellington Dates:
The Heydey Dome at Bats Theatre, 1 Kent Tce
Tue 02 – Sat 06 May,
Tickets: $14 – $18
Bookings: // 0508 ITICKET (484 253)

Auckland Dates:
Basement Theatre Studio, Lower Greys Ave
Tue 16 – Sat 20 May,
Tickets: $15 – $18
Bookings: // 0508 ITICKET (484 253) 

Dunedin Fringe 2018
Globe Theatre, Dunedin
15 – 17 March 
Ticket price range $15, concession $10
Booking details

Theatre , Stand-up comedy ,

1 hr

A unique and quirky voice

Review by Alex Wilson 15th Mar 2018

Paul Williams is a legitimate comedic triple threat. Endowed with a gorgeous singing voice and surprisingly impressive tap dancing skills, hes deliver an eclectic and unassuming lecture on finding love.

His show often focuses on his first experiences of love, during his developmental stages at primary school, and so his rules for love and his show in general offer an innocent and unaffected outlook on the world that is sprinkled with nostalgic references to 90s New Zealand. Everything seems genuine and based on true personal experiences.

The show runs through a PowerPoint series of slides, which makes the structure sound deceptively simple, but Williams incorporates song, dance, small skits and kitsch 1980s music videos into his set.  He demonstrates exceptional talents and follows them with self-deprecating comments and endearing awkwardness.

That is all to say that he is an immensely likable comic/ singer-songwriter/ dancer and he delivers an exceptionally funny show. Williams is a unique and quirky voice in the New Zealand comedy scene and his show is such a joyous and positive tonic, for today’s dark and cynical world.

Paul Williams has definitely been to New York City.


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Surprising dancing, great voice, amazing songs, quirky humour …

Review by Patrick Davies 03rd May 2017

Paul Williams’ debut solo show is a hoot. Ostensibly a ‘lecture’ on love and romance, it’s also a showcase for his brand of comedy.

In the past couple of years ‘awkward humour’ – that self-deprecating, almost nerdy comedy – has been a bastion of NZ webseries. It contains pastiche and retro references, and entirely suits the NZ underdog loser (Eagle vs Shark, Awkward Love). Williams crafts his own youthful romantic experience into this style to create a winning one hour show.

Covering Romance, Dating, How to Look Cool amongst other topics, he is helped by beautifully tacky 80s TV show style video and some truly great songs. Williams has an incredible voice and the song-writing skills to match. Each lyric is cleverly wrought to amuse and also say something political.

It’s certainly reminiscent of David O’Doherty, and there are also nods to other shows recently seen at BATS. I’m trying my best here not to give anything away but Williams makes these his own.

Resplendent in White T, blue shorts and endearing personality, he is very natural in front of this opening crowd. The structure of his show is simple – chapters of the lecture dealing with all the topics of Love – which allows his personality to stand out. No cynicism, no façade, just Paul Williams. His riffs and re-incorporations pop up delightfully, none more so than the stand out final number.

It’s not just the surprising dancing, the great voice, the amazing songs and the quirky humour – it’s the spirit and joy that Williams creates with his audience so effortlessly. Even when flummoxing around dealing with the audience’s possible gender preferences, his self-deprecation is disarming, which is why you let in him so easily.

The best of the Williams siblings (hard call, given his father’s efforts on Deal Or No Deal) has just started his solo career with a mighty bang. Be in to see him on the ground floor.


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