Peter Pan

Globe Theatre, 104 London St, Dunedin

30/11/2023 - 10/12/2023

Production Details

Script by Alex Jackson
Composer - Tobias Devereux
Lyricist - Penelope Hare
Director - Zac Henry
Muscial Director - Tobias Devereux
Choreographer - Tobias Devereux

Globe Theatre Dunedin

The Globe welcomes you to its 2023 Christmas pantomime!

The Darling children get put to bed by Nanny McSmee every night. They dream of the boy who never grows up and adventures in Neverland fighting Captain Hook’s evil pirates. But they never believe it’s all true until Peter Pan himself comes to visit one cold winter’s night. Peter Pan is sure to shiver your timbers and take you on a comedy adventure you’ll never land from.

With a little help from Tinkerbell’s fairy dust, a flight via the second star on the right whisks them away to Neverland where they meet a host of colourful characters; the first Neverland Girl Guides, mermaids, lost boys, pirates and even a crocodile!

This high-flying pantomime takes you on a trip of a lifetime from the London skyline to the deck of the Jolly Roger, the girl guides’ encampment, the lost boys hideout and the mermaid’s lagoon.

The Globe Theatre Dunedin
30 November – 10 December
7.30pm weeknights
2pm weekends
$20 Adult
$10 Child and Concession
Book at iTicket
0508 484-253

April McMillan Perkins - Wendy
Sam Mehrtens - Nanny McSmee
Penelope Hare - Peter
Calum Beck - Hook
River Charteris-Wright - Mermaid / Curly
Harry Almey - Smee Jr
Annabelle McLenaghen - Tink
Sheena Townsend - Little’Un
Don Townsend - Starkey
Kieran Townsend - Michael
Vanessa Hayes - Smarty
Lois Prior - Eagle Eyes
Hannah Summerfield - Slightly
Carlin Summerfield - Nanna
Louisa Stabenow - Peter Understudy
Jorja Robertson - Twin 1
Echo Beres - John
Danielle Glennie - Snarky
April Kerr - Brown Owl
Nisha Tilyard - Tootles
Ethan Bremner - Snarly
Sophie - Twin 2
Craig Storey - Croc / Ensemble Pirate
Beth White - Peter’s shadow/Tiger Lily
Jake Harris - Nibs

Production Manager - Maegan Stedman-Ashford
Stage Manager - Thomas Makinson
Assistant Stage Manager - Tomuri Spicer
Lighting Design & Operation - Drew White
Sound Design - Samantha White
Sound Operation - Samantha White & Evelyn VIrens
Costume Design & Construction - River Charteris-Wright
Set Design & Construction - Maegan Stedman-Ashford
Props - Zac Henry, Maegan Stedman-Ashford, Cast
Publicity - Jess Keogh, Thomas Makinson

Theatre , Pantomime , Children’s , Family ,

2h 30m

Cracking momentum

Review by Barbara Frame 01st Dec 2023

More than 120 years after Peter Pan first hit the London stage, J.M. Barrie’s enduring tale of the boy determined not to grow up has never lost its appeal. Director Zac Henry has chosen Alex Jackson’s script, which provides plenty of opportunities for laughter and has the indispensable  pantomime quality of being easily understood by younger children as well as providing grown-up innuendos that sail right over the littlies’ heads to keep their parents engaged. There’s a neat balance of traditional and modern elements.

The Globe’s production allows us to spend some time in Neverland, where the Lost Boys and the First Neverland Girl Guides live, where they are joined by the three Darling children (Wendy, John and Michael) and their faithful dog, Nanna. Not too far away, though, are the aptly-named Captain Hook and his crew of the usual ruffians, reluctant and otherwise, including lusty Nanny McSmee taking time out from being the Darlings’ nanny. 

Sometimes the pace sags just a little, but mostly a cracking momentum is maintained, with plenty of singing, dancing and audience involvement of the “Oh no I didn’t!” Oh yes you did!” “Behind you!” variety.  

Complementing the script is an original score by Dunedin’s Tobias Devereux (who also choreographs) and Penelope Hare (who also, delightfully, plays Peter). Music varies from resolutely cheerful to soulful, and choreography is slick and well adapted to the limited size of the Globe’s stage.

Most of the 25-strong cast are necessarily young, and everyone does a great job. Inevitably, there’s a little multi-tasking. 

Hook, scary through and through (until he hears the ominous ticking of a clock), is played with gusto by Calum Beck. Craig Storey, as the crocodile, doesn’t have a lot to do, but he does it magnificently. Among the younger performers, Annabelle McLenaghen steals the show every time she appears as Tinker Bell, the feisty fairy who saves the day more than once, but eventually needs the audience’s help to survive.

Costumes aplenty have been provided by River Charteris-Wright and cast members, and lighting is by Drew White. 

On opening night the Globe was packed with eager, expectant families. In Dunedin, school holiday productions at the Playhouse are always reliable and enjoyable, but other productions for kids are few and far between. This one, packed with fun for all ages, fills the pre-Christmas gap nicely.

It’s good, too, to see acknowledgement in the programme of community involvement, with contributions from the Fire Station Theatre in Mosgiel (itself a reliable provider of children’s entertainment) Dylan Shield from the Playhouse, and the parents and caregivers of the young people involved. 

Two and half hours is a long time to sit still in the theatre, but for the youngsters present it was no problem at all. 

It’s enough to make you believe in fairies.


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