Piper Blaster: Dairy Queen

two/fiftyseven, 2/57 Willis Street (entrance located at 70 Victoria Street), Wellington

16/02/2024 - 18/02/2024

NZ Fringe Festival 2024

Production Details

Script written by David Tasker

Haus of Blaster

Piper Blaster: The singing drag diva, straight out of rural Te Awamutu in the Waikato. This Dairy Queen know no limits when it comes to extravagance and opulence, wearing original costumes and wigs created by the diva herself. Known for High Camp and comedy, Piper will have you tapping your toes and singing along to show tunes and classics from some of the great divas. From Barbara Streisand to Dolly Parton, Piper Blaster is 100% Fabulous!

16 Feb 9pm
17, 18 Feb 8:30pm

2/57 Willis Street
$30 GA
$25 Students


David Tasker as Piper Blaster
Dennis Ralph - Dramaturg /editor
David Tasker - Costumes
Abbey Fricker – Sound lights and projection
Mari North – Dresser / Front of House.Music is a selection of songs from various artists and stage shows, used to help tell my story.

Theatre , Comedy , LGBTQIA+ , Multi-discipline , Music , Musical , Performance Art , Solo , Spectacle , Variety ,

Approximately 50minutes

A wonderful mix of rural charm and opulence

Review by Shemaia Dixon 18th Feb 2024

Upon entering 2/57 Willis Street, we are shown two rows of seats in front of a projector screen. Once seated, video appears on the screen as Piper Blaster: Dairy Queen introduces herself with a song. The mood is immediately lively as we are shown Piper’s local area in Te Awamutu. The video combines with real life as Piper Blaster emerges from behind the audience, continuing the song. What follows is a entertaining hour of songs, stories, videos, and a fabulous queen.

Piper sings many familiar tunes and plays the piano beautifully. Most of the tunes are familiar and range from Dolly Parton to The Little Mermaid, all with her own unique spin on them of course. She has a beautiful, strong singing voice that is a joy to listen to. Further vocal training may be helpful to further elevate her voice and take it to the next level. Piper’s great quality is her presence, she draws the audience in throughout the show with her magnetic personality.

When Piper Blaster needs to change, the audience is shown videos. These include her past performances and her auditions for RuPaul’s drag race (Spoiler: she definitely deserved to get in.)

A particular highlight is when the Queen talks about her past career as a chef and challenges herself to ice and decorate a sponge cake in 5 minutes to the tune of the song ‘Vogue’by Madonna. The segment itself is amazing, but what happens next is especially clever. Piper Blaster’s assistant proceeds to serve the cake to volunteers from the audience while the Queen gets changed and the audience watches a video. This is a brilliant transition that keeps the audience engaged with the video as well as each other (and the cake, of course). The cake itself tastes amazing and soon Piper re-emerges and the show continues. This master plan is the perfect way to entertain the audience during a longer transition.

The original wigs and costumes created by Piper Blaster are a testament to her talent. Elegant, opulent and gorgeous, each costume and wig does this Queen’s beauty justice. Her costumes in particular are astounding.

While the chaos of the show can be fun, it might be helpful to bring in an outside perspective to advise and possibly provide a bit of direction for the show as a whole so that the chaos is more organised.

Piper Blaster: Dairy Queen is a fantastic show and Piper is amazing. The way she can engage the audience and keep us laughing is beautiful. She brings a wonderful mix of rural charm and opulence. I hope to see her perform in Wellington again soon.


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