PlayShop LIVE: Guest Designer

Paramount, Wellington

02/08/2013 - 06/09/2013

Production Details

PlayShop LIVE’s new season called Guest Designer features from Friday 2nd August to Friday 6th September.  PlayShop gets in a special guest designer to actively build props and set for our players to improvise scenes with. From projection design to simple cardboard props, PlayShop players use the audience, set and their imagination to build engaging scenes. 

Wellington’s late night comedy show EVERY Friday at 10:15pm at the Paramount Cinema. A troupe of trained performers brings you new comedy each week from songs to Shakespeare, poems to pirouettes… all improvised before your eyes.  

Enjoy your Friday evenings with a rotating cast of 34 members, all of which are Wellington’s newest generation of story driven performers. 

Anyone who likes Whose Line is it Anyway or Thank God you are Here will love this audience interactive show.  

Venue:  Paramount Cinema, Courtenay Place, Wellington 
Every Friday Night, 2 August-6 September, 10.15pm 
Book online at 
Or Phone: +64 (4) 384 4080 
Ticket Prices: Waged: $15.00 | Unwaged: $12.00

16 AUGUST 2013

MC:  Daniel Pengelly
Guest Designer: Crystalyne Willis
Musician: Amand Gerbault-Gaylor
Hamish Parkinson
Rose Cann
Oliver Devlin
Ralph McCubbin Howell
Guest Player: Jennifer O’Sullivan

Marketing Manager: Pippa Drakeford

A great way to end a shaky Friday

Review by John Smythe 17th Aug 2013

Last night in Courtenay Place was atypical. It was like a weeded garden with just a few diehard perennials standing their ground in defiance of the earthquakes and aftershocks that had disrupted our day.

A goody number gather at The Paramount for their weekly Friday night dose of PlayShop LIVE, which kicks off at 10.15-ish. The Bergman Theatre offers a small patch of floor in front of the screen upon which this improv troupe gets to work their alchemy. Most of us keep well away from the exposed brick wall …

The ‘Guest Designer’ device allows props to be made on-the-spot – this night by Crystalyne Willis – to randomly provoke actions and interactions, along with the usual audience ‘ask fors’, corralled by MC Daniel Pengelly and enhanced by Musician Amand Gerbault-Gaylor. 

Thus a spy story evolves involving Escargot and an Nutrigrain factory in Paris; a Pirates v Ninjas tale pits Scallywag Jones against Ninja Steve; a frayed cylinder becomes a mutant forearm in a Horror story; deep philosophical questions about Love play out in a Kardashians-style Reality scene; another prop becomes an accordion which provokes a wordless dance scene; Mermaids are the educational topic in a challenge round; a weird thingy is declared to be a mind-control device in a cod-Shakespearean drama of exile and witchcraft; A German fable dishes out a dodgy moral …

Not bad ‘something from nothing’ alchemy for an hour. The players – Hamish Parkinson, Rose Cann, Oliver Devlin, Ralph McCubbin Howell and special guest Jennifer O’Sullivan – all contribute strongly, aligning and challenging as required to keep things ticking along.

A great way to end a shaky Friday.


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