Rain by Jolt Interactive

Moana Pool meeting room, 1st floor, Dunedin

17/03/2014 - 21/03/2014

Dunedin Fringe 2014

Production Details

Rain is an exciting new interactive dance theatre work created for a diverse audience. Using dance, storytelling, puppetry, film and props, Rain is a sensory journey that allows for one-on-one interaction between performer and audience. Rain is a captivating and engaging show that is able to connect with a diverse audience: from mild to complex disabilities, school groups and members of  the general public.


Dates:  March 17, 18, 19, 20, 21

Venue: Moana Pool – meeting room 1st floor

Time:   10:30am & 1:30pm (17, 18, 19, 20, 21), 6pm (18)

Duration:     50 min

Price:   Door Sales: $5

Bookings and info – lyncotton@hotmail.com

Ph: 03-3320074 or 0211528600

Website:          www.joltdance.co.nz

Family friendly. Wheelchair access


Physical , Multi-discipline , Dance-theatre , Contemporary dance ,

50 mins

Surreal journey with rich acknowledgement of audience

Review by Hahna Briggs 20th Mar 2014

‘Rain’ is an interactive dance theatre work by integrated dance company Jolt (Christchurch). Utilising dance, storytelling, puppetry, film and props Jolt has successfully created work that is accessible for people with and without complex disabilities. Performed by company members Lyn (director), Renee, Sam, Nylla and Michael.

The small audience numbers allowed the performers to acknowledge each and every person. The minute audience members arrived they learnt our names; the fourth wall never had a chance to cut audience off from performers. The performers continued to acknowledge us through song, gaze, gentle touch of ‘rain drops’ on our palms and finally ending with a ritual of washing our hands. The audience responded well to this one on one attention, for instance I loved watching people smile from ear to ear as the performers sung each of our names. The ritual of washing our hands at the end was a chance to bring a close to the surreal journey we had just been on and I felt an overwhelming sense of calm. As Michael washed my hands I almost bought to tears by his gentle and caring touch.

The performance was framed by Hone Tuwhare’s poem, ‘Rain’, which I believe acted as the original inspiration for the theme of the work. Nylla began by delicately moving in a fluid repetitive phrase, reciting the poem. The movement was then picked up by Sam, an equally fluid mover. Near the end of show Sam performing as Tane separated his parents Ranginui (Michael) and Papatuanuku (Nylla), during this section Tuwhare’s poem was recited once again and fitted seamlessly with the story. I loved watching Nylla’s strength as she slowly but steadily rose from lying to standing as Michael remained comfortably glued to her back.

The work explored many aspects of water, from projection of rain on the wall, to an umbrella dance, to a beach dance. At one point the performers hurriedly passed a pipe from one side of the audience to the other and played with pressure, pushing blue liquid from one end to the next. At this point the energy amongst performers and audience alike was high and chaotic, and had us all squealing with delight.

A favourite was the rain projection where many audience members delighted in the opportunity to dance in front of the projection and watch their shadows dance back at them on the wall. I enjoyed watching a spontaneous solo by an audience member when the projection came up on the wall for maybe the third time. She immediately moved towards the wall and danced on her own for quite some time before others joined in.

The performers were always sensitive to the comfort levels of audience members and were able to read in the moment how far they could challenge individuals to interact. ‘Rain’ is a multi-sensory, surreal journey; the energy levels ebbed and flowed like ripples on a pond, and I have a feeling that each performance would be wonderfully different from the last.


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