Red Door Theatre, 95 Atawhai Drive, Nelson

30/06/2022 - 02/07/2022

Nelson Fringe festival 2022

Production Details

Created & Performed by Amy Atkins
Devised with Amy Booth a.k.a Booth The Clown, Bethany Miller, Jen O’Sullivan, Liz Butler, and Pája Neuhöferov
Directed by Sara Hirsch

Discover your Tingle Immunity at this new fruity comedy about ASMR by award winning performer Amy Atkins. RAW! ASMR is comedic anarchy. It’s a raw celebration of ASMR and exploration of the silly and wild side of the phenomenon… ASMR can take itself a bit too seriously! Do you agree? Yes, you do!

ASMR — Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response — refers to the scientifically recognised ‘tingling’ sensation some people experience from seeing or hearing certain ‘triggers.’ Triggers are often whispering, the tapping of wood, the crinkling of paper, or attentively executed ‘boring’ tasks such as preparing vegetables. It’s a phenomenon that has seen millions of videos created for YouTube with billions of views.

“RAW!ASMR is bright, fresh, and Atkins is a skilled entertainer.” – Katie Hill, Art Murmurs

Prepare your ears for some live, raw, and award-winning spectacular organised chaos!

Red Door Theatre, 95 Atawhai Drive, Nelson (map)
Thursday 30 June – Saturday 2 July 2022
Restrictions: R16
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“It’s Atkins likeability and cheekiness that carries the show – I feel rested that despite the show’s unconventional nature she’s there to explore with us and not at us.” – Katie Hill, Art Murmurs

Winner Spectacular Organised Chaos (RAW! ASMR) New Zealand Fringe, 2022
Winner Outstanding Female Performer (Amy Atkins) Palmy Fringe, 2018


Do I need to bring my own headphones and Smart Device?
No! Despite what you might have read elsewhere you won’t need to bring headphones. This season of RAW!ASMR will not be using Live Audio Streaming technology… it’s super expensive… somebody sponsor us!

What the PEACH is ASMR?
Oh baby carrot, come discover your Tingle Immunity!

I LOVE ASMR, will I even enjoy this show?
*whispers* yes, yes you will! Don’t expect 50 minutes of pure relaxation but amongst the comedic anarchy will be some quality ASMR triggers and relaxing giggles.

I HATE ASMR, will I still enjoy the show?
Oh, you can bet your bottom Dole Banana you’ll love this. You miiiiight not love every sound in our repertoire but you’ll at least leave with a laughter-induced belly ache.

I’m Vegan! Will you be eating… dead things?
Don’t you worry cherry tomato, Amy is a Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian and promises to only consume fruit and vegetables on stage!

Comedy , Solo , Theatre ,

1 hr

From passion through mayhem to a frenzy of fruit

Review by Ruth Allison 04th Jul 2022

Letitia Lickitt is a Youtuber. She specialises in ASMR. I had no idea what ASMR meant until tonight but Amy Atkins as Letitia Lockitt gives her audience a passionate, adrenaline-filled hour of fun as she attempts to create her video of therapeutic sounds to produce the autonomous sensory meridian responses loved by the viewers.

From the gold sequinned lamé halter-neck and bright red lipstick to the squirm-inducing consumption of food, Letitia’s urgent desire to gain ‘likes’ descends towards madness and mayhem.

Atkins makes the most of her stage, her recording equipment and her envious physical agility. She is a visual feast and her face-pulling close-ups as she attempts to produce euphoric auditory sensations delight the crowd. Her Youtube channel requires multiple sound effects in order to produce tingling sensations in the viewer. It is supposed to be a personalised experience, some sounds may produce instant tingling, others may have the opposite effect. Whatever she does, Letitia does it with ‘wowness’. Her intoning of the supermarket receipt was a ‘wow’, the suggestion to light a soy candle in order to prepare for the experience was another ‘wow’.

Making fun of a ‘treatment’ with lack-lustre scientific support is not difficult and the earnest Miss Lickitt makes the most of the opportunity to rustle, crinkle, tap and chew her way into discovering new sounds for her followers. There is the whispered poetry -reading ASMR, the raw (carrot snapping) ASMR, the watery physical apple-bobbing ASMR and many more. The piece de resistance is the role-playing beetroot ASMR. I did not know how much hilarity a peeler and a small beetroot with a tail could create.

In a frenzy of fruit and with the desperation of an influencer Atkins brings her show to a close. And there it should have ended. The decent into a maudlin funeral for the fruit did not quite cut the mustard although I do agree she gives a delightful rendition of Danny Boy. Let us end on a high Letitia and all the absurdity and delusion of this parody be apparent. Apparently, one has a greater chance of being an astronaut than being a successful Youtuber. This ‘raw’ performance is well worth developing.

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