Reframe - The Classical Collab

Raye Freedman Arts Centre, Gillies Avenue (Cnr Silver Road) Epsom, Auckland

17/09/2022 - 17/09/2022

Production Details

Choreographers: Madison Cronin, Tabitha Dombroski, Jessica Opacic and Meaghan Rowe.

Reframe at the Raye Freedman Arts Centre on September 17, is a contemporary ballet youth company production with four pieces by choreographers Madison Cronin, Tabitha Dombroski, Jessica Opacic and Meaghan Rowe.

Madison Cronin, Tabitha Dombroski, Jessica Opacic and Meaghan Rowe, Classical Collab students, projection: Yin Chi Lee, videography: Shaye Anna Brown 

Contemporary dance , Dance , Dance-theatre , Youth ,

60 mins

Reframe - exploring contemporary ballet

Review by Brian Jones 19th Sep 2022

Classical Collab is Auckland’s Youth Dance Theatre. A workshop-based performance company whose goal is to assist young dancers in their exploration of contemporary ballet. Reframe is their latest presentation, with a programme of four new works, Drifting Figures by Madison Cronin, Efflorescence by Tabitha Dombroski, An Artists View by Jessica Opacic, and Universal Sigh by Meaghan Rowe.

Drifting Figures is developed from the idea of how autumn reframes the world around us. The young dancers perform well in this the first work for the evening, warming into the performance as it progresses, with some dancers showing good clarity of movement and expressiveness in their dancing. Yin Chi Lees simple projection designs helped enhance the work.

Efflorescence is based on the concept around the change in thought process from internalising emotion, to sharing and getting support for them. This begins with an articulate solo, then uses various groupings and duets to develop its theme.

An Artists View is a tribute to Banksy, exploring three of his works, Rat sipping a cocktail, Parking, and Girl With Balloon, which was the prominent image in this work. This was the sorter work of the evening. Costuming and props added to the look, but I didn’t feel the choreography really achieved it’s intention fully.

Universal Sigh explores synaesthesis, focusing on how sound can evoke imagery and movement. This final piece has the most clarity of design in its choreography, backed with a striking video by Shaye Anna Brown.

Overall, it is an interesting and enjoyable evening. Classical Collab provides a great opportunity for young dancers of varying ability, to experience working in a company environment, along with an introduction to a dance style that may be new to some of them. Congratulations to the dancers and Collab team for a very professional performance. Here are some talented youth who I hope continue discovering more through dance, while developing their skills.


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