Sad Boi, Funny Guy

Cavern Club, 22 Allen St, Te Aro, Wellington

29/02/2024 - 02/03/2024

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Simon Kay (Writer and Performer)

Simon is a Sad Boi, but a Funny Guy. Come laugh at the problems in society that hit him right in the feels. Don’t worry, we’ll sort them out later… Get ready for clever, whimsical, and really original stand-up comedy. With so many punchlines, there’ll be leftovers for lunch tomorrow!

When did the world get so depressing? Climate change, inequality, the past five Fast and Furious films… It’s a lot. But Simon’s upbeat energy and unique perspectives—not to mention jokes on flatting, avocados and the Moon—will keep you laughing throughout.

Simon was a finalist in the Wellington 2020 RAW Comedy Quest and featured as part of The Classic Comedy Club’s New Pro Showcase in 2021. Sad Boi, Funny Guy had a sell out season at the 2022 Auckland Fringe, so don’t miss your chance to see this Funny Guy.

Venue: Cavern Club, 22 Allen Street, Te Aro, Wellington
Date Range: Thursday 29th Feb – Saturday 2nd March
Time: 7:00PM
Prices: General Admission $15, Concession $12
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50 Minutes

Keeps our curiosity and laughter on board till the last

Review by Margaret Austin 01st Mar 2024

Simon Kay is the self-proclaimed sad boy, but funny guy, on at the Cavern Club. He’s a bit of both as it turns out, but decidedly more funny than sad.

His material is wide ranging, so we’re short on detail. At times, I could do with more. We travel from an opening joke about a theatre nurse in an emergency situation, where the emphasis is on theatre, to the dietary no-nos of Hare Krishna, to climate change – all of this in the first five minutes. Climate change, though, provides his best joke of the evening: about what airlines could do to slap more money on the price of a ticket. 

Kay hails from Auckland where the housing situation is even worse than in Wellington. His performance warms up considerably here with a suggestion about ramraiding a certain real estate company that’s wryly welcomed. Interaction with the audience also gets under way with its usual unpredictable responses. From audience ask-fors, Kay does well with incorporating the offers of Beowolf as a baby name, crochet as a favourite pastime and an icicle as a favoured murder weapon into an improvised story.

Fifty minutes is a lot to fill, and I get the impression Kay feels the same way. Perhaps the biggest challenge of the stand-up comic is maintaining momentum with both material and delivery. I sense we’re halfway through, but I don’t want to hear the performer also sensing it.

Relating longer stories might be an idea – by way of prolonging interest in a topic, wondering where the story is leading, and making us wait for a punchline. Though we do get a couple of those. It turns out Kay is a vegan, and quaffs a tin of chickpeas to prove it, while sticking up for minorities.

And his final story keeps our curiosity and laughter on board till the last.


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