Samantha Hannah – Female Lady Women Comedians

Cavern Club, 22 Allen St, Te Aro, Wellington

23/05/2023 - 27/05/2023

NZ International Comedy Festival 2023

Production Details

A stand-up show about a stand-up show!

Join this one-of-a-kind comedy gig featuring five female comedians who are definitely not all the same person.

Samantha Hannah (Best Comedian nominee 2022 and Best MC nominee 2022, Wellington Comedy Awards) is putting on an all-woman lineup show while trying to navigate the comedy scene in her new home of New Zealand. She will be joined by her favourite woman comedy acts she’s met along the way.

★★★★ “A talented raconteur!” – Fringe Biscuit

Price: $24.50 – $27
Time: 8.45PM

Comedian – Samantha Hannah

[R18] , Comedy , Theatre ,

60 minutes

We laughed until we cried: absolutely delightful comedy gold

Review by Maryanne Cathro 24th May 2023

Samantha Hannah is Scottish. As she points out, this makes everything she says sound sarcastic. It is the perfect framing for a satirical comedy show about comedy.

Hannah is the MC of an all-women comedy line-up. Opening the show with some great material of her own, she then introduces to the stage a newish comedian called Emily Dixon Smith. Disappearing into the tardis-like expanse of the space behind a screen where all of the lineup are hanging, ‘Emily’ emerges in beige cardigan, and the show is off. 

The conceit of an entire line-up of comedians all played by one person is delightfully clever (and I hope that isn’t a spoiler for anyone who misunderstood the marketing material. I confess that I wasn’t entirely sure what was happening until it happened!). We are introduced to Emily, then Sweaty Patches, Marion Macleod (visiting from Glasgow) and finally Abigail Gardener. How they dress, their comedy styles, their universal commitment to all take the same action (no spoilers!) are as distinct as a woman in black with an undeniably Scottish accent can make them.

So why satire? Hannah is certainly not satirising these hilarious characters, but rather the comedy world they are attempting to navigate. From audio tracks to clever utilisation of the acting skills of Woman-Tech Friday Kate Spencer, to some heartfelt storytelling, we get a vivid picture of how hard comedy can be for women (those of us who are women in comedy can hard relate!) while also laughing ourselves silly. 

This comedy festival is full of shows based on the comedian’s lived experiences – neuro diversity, race and gender are all showing up as themes. In a world where so many of us feel like outliers just trying to fit in, our comedians are out there telling their stories, and therefore ours.

The bottom line for any comedy show is, did the audience laugh? Oh yes, we laughed until we cried. The audience was diverse, and universally entertained. Me, I love to think and laugh at the same time. Clever is the seasoning that makes comedy all the more tasty.

Go see this show for an hour or so of absolutely delightful comedy gold.


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