SANJAY PARBHU - Because I said I would..

Kitty O'Sheas, 28 Courtenay Place, Wellington

29/04/2015 - 02/05/2015

NZ International Comedy Festival 2015

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Sanjay Parbhu has been in a lot of interesting scenarios; from building his own computer, dressing up as a woman and even attending a young adult’s Christian gathering. Despite not enjoying them all, his involvement can be explained with one sentence.

“Because I said I would…”

Join Sanjay as he shares the good and, in hindsight, terrible decisions he’s made throughout the years. Through high-energy storytelling and over-exaggerated observations, find out how those five little words can lead to a whole lot of chaos.


Wed 29 April – Sat 2 May, 7pm

Kitty O’Shea’s, Wellington


Adults $15.00
Conc. $12.00
Groups 6+ $10.00* service fees may apply


0800 BUY TIX (289 849)




Comedy ,

1 hour

Stories, songs, impressions, laugh-out-loud clever one-liners

Review by Maraea Rakuraku 30th Apr 2015

After a buildup of WWF-worthy quality thanks to Ben Caldwell, Sanjay Parbhu runs onstage only to run off again. That’s his warmup of the warmup act, Jules (Bogan Yoga), who at first is a little nervous. However, once she hits her stride she is on. At times it’s hard to assess at comedy gigs if the vulnerability is the performer playing the audience. But whatever, I buy it. It does seem in some parts like I am listening to a younger, less smartarse version of Michelle A’Court. 

Moments later in runs Parbhu. And he’s off. The social references Parbhu makes are recognisable enough for me to get them (video games, Reality TV shows): equal part observational, equal part commentary and he covers a plethora of them. He even says plethora.

Explanations of the show’s title, Because I said I would, are then followed by examples of how it has played out in Parbhu’s life through the maze of relationships both online and real. It is endearing but not saccharine. There is still enough edge for some geek swag. And I don’t mean that in a stink or patronising way. The most endearing, dare I say refreshing, aspect of this performer is the geeky, age-relevant approach and delivery of his material.  

He can tell a story. He sings. He does impressions. Really great ones and the one liners are clever. Like laugh out-loud-clever. He does get a little sweary but thankfully it’s not that ‘let-me-cover-up-my-lack-of-preparation-by-swearing every second sentence’ or that veering on sarcasm mean . He does impressions of a mate doing impressions. You have to be there but trust me, it’s funny.

The pace of the show is good. Even if he does use the swig from the glass, change subject tactic. It’s all forgivable. He probes the fourth wall often with only a single cringe moment, that the good-natured crowd goes along with. Even the young fellas behind me are getting into it.  

It doesn’t feel Parbhu is throwing everything at you. It does feel like there’s more. I look forward to seeing how he develops and, while it didn’t happen due to timing, what his improvisation skills are like. With more depth, experience, confidence, worldly exposure and some dues paid (whatever that means these days), it definitely feels like he’s someone to watch.


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