SCHLUNTED (The Other People)

TAPAC Theatre, Western Springs, Auckland

02/11/2016 - 05/11/2016

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The worst roadtrip ever.  

After three years, four months, and 16 days of separation, Fiona decides to reunite with her best friends from high school for a week-long camping trip. Only they don’t like her or want to go.

From uncomfortable to painful to well and truly schlunted, this reunion will change their lives forever. And probs not in a good way.

An original musical written, rehearsed, and produced over the course of 100 days.
On day one, 26th of July 2016, The Other People sat down with nothing but a venue booked for under 4 months away. Day 100, they’ll be premiering their totally new, two act, 20+ song original kiwi musical.

Contains some rude bits and words. Would probs get awkward watching with your grandma.

Wednesday 2nd, to Saturday 5th of November
shows at 7:30 (and an extra Saturday Matinee at 2pm)

Sinead Fitzgerald - Fi
Sally Brady
Hadley R. Taylor
Bernie Voice
Jocelyn Scott
Fin McLachlan
and Brady Peeti

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Still Stunted

Review by James Wenley 24th Mar 2017

Musicals have notoriously long gestation periods. It takes a lot of chutzpah, then, to think that you can create (and stage) a musical from scratch in one hundred days. Or is that hubris? But that’s the challenge The Other People team (writer/director Adam Spedding, composer Brayden Jeffrey, producer Hadley Taylor) set themselves, and the result, Schlunted, was first presented at TAPAC in November last year. It has returned for an encore season.

You can still catch a sense of what must have been an all-consuming writing and composing effort.  The initial idea – three high-school friends reunite post-uni for a camping trip – has been spun out with a series of what ifs. What if one of the friends didn’t gain UE and resents the other two? What if we add extra interlopers on the trip? What if there’s an accident on the road? What if they try to cover this up? What if someone else comes along? What if we make these two characters kiss? What if there are no toilets and they have to dig a poo pit? [More


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Review by Rachael Longshaw-Park 06th Nov 2016

Writing, composing and directing a full-length musical in 100 days is no easy task. Schlunted follows a group of young twenty somethings driving off on a road trip after Fi (Sinead Fitzgerald) calls up her two high-school best friends, Hailee (Sally Brady) and Chris (Hadley R Taylor), who have both just completed their university degrees. However, this is no joyous reunion, Hailee only comes reluctantly along with her highly-strung partner Wally (Bernie Voice) in tow, and Chris is guilted into joining. After a fleeting glance into their high school relationships via a nostalgic tune, disaster strikes and the trip takes a turn for the morbid.

It is a strong set up for a farcical adventure, but something doesn’t quite sit right. The character reactions fail to accurately match the gravity of the situation and there is ill timed character development, such as Wally’s showering song, that feels clunky and out of place after a huge disaster. Usually musicals can get away with barely-there storylines due to the strength of the music, however, the composition in Schlunted isn’t enough to save this plot.

That’s not to say there aren’t some redeeming moments in the production. The cast are a talented bunch … [More


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