Cuba Mall, Wellington

14/02/2021 - 14/02/2021

Cuba Mall, Wellington

07/02/2021 - 07/02/2021

The Performance Arcade 2021: What if the City was a Theatre

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Java Dance Theatre, Full Swing Vintage Dance Company

Sun 7 Feb, Sun 14 Feb, Mon 18 Feb


7 Feb – 11:00
14 Feb – 13:00
18 Feb – 11:00

A ‘Scrùbi’ is a piece of art created by a participant following specific instructions. It is then interpreted in performance through a guitarist and dancer — a secret way to express a subconscious emotional state through art. They have developed a system for interpreting the Scrùbi through music and dance. This experience can be likened to a sonic-motion caricature. It integrates their dialectic system of creating original music and choreography. Stop by and share the emotions of your secrets in confidence as an individual, a couple, or a small group without telling them a thing!
Jake Church is a Wellington-based guitarist who enjoys exploring experimental music and collaborating to create new-music and mix-discipline compositions. These works tend to come from improvised processes and performance exercises.

Along with Anita Hutchins, he is currently working with Java Dance focusing on improvisation processes between musicians and dancers. As a soloist and collaborative artist, this work allows him to continue expanding his performance and pedagogical practices.

In 2019, Jake attended the inaugural 21C Guitar Conference in Ottawa and presented a seminar of his work on “Collaborating with the Guitar”. He studied qualitative analysis with Professor Stefan Östersjö of Lund University and Stockholm Royal College of Music, Sweden.

2019’s opportunities followed the completion of a Master of Musical Arts research degree at the New Zealand School of Music—Te Kōkī (2017) under the primary supervision of Dr Jane Curry. His studies explored the collaborative practices between non-guitarist composers and guitarist performers.

Anita Hutchins is a dancer, teacher, choreographer and creator of dance art. She is involved in the Wellington freelance contemporary dance scene. She works with Java Dance and collaborates with guitarist Jake Church making art installation projects.

Her areas of artistic and intellectual interests are in the experience of reality, metaphysics, existentialism, and symbology. As seen through the ‘Scrùbi’ project, she is also interested in accessing the subconscious mind through art. In 2021 she will begin her post-graduate studies at university to explore her areas of interest further.

She returned to New Zealand after a decade of dancing with companies in Europe. Anita was a member of the Bayerisches Staatsballett Munchen, Netherlands Dans Theater II, The Royal New Zealand Ballet and Phoenix Dance Theatre. Since this return, Anita completed a BA majoring in Philosophy at VUW, taught dance for 11 years, and became a mum.

Java Dance Theatre, Full Swing Vintage Dance Company

The Metamorphosis Artists: Jake Church & Anita Hutchins

Physical , Outdoor , Music , Family , Experimental dance , Dance-theatre , Dance , Contemporary dance ,

180 mins

Moving on a very special level

Review by Greer Robertson 07th Feb 2021

Say what?

What’s this?

With an unusual name and an unusual setting for performing arts, I am delighted to inform you that it is a philosophical, very clever, personally unique, secret path to express a subconscious emotional state through art, delivered with consummate ease by extremely talented artists.

On a glorious summer’s day, with sunlight dappling through the trees, in an almost secret location down a side alleyway outside an Art Studio, an inquiring collection of people, become fascinatingly absorbed.

Scrùbi, what does it mean?

Ah, it’s a made- up word, meaning scribble!

Makes sense?

So, this is how it works…

In this intimate setting, an audience member is approached and invited to participate. With a framework of only a few instructions, one is encouraged to reach inside oneself to scribble and colour shapes on a large piece of paper, going where-ever the mood and meandering pencil takes you. The Musician and Dancer then confer, putting their own honed skills, energy and a name to what is about to be performed.

A totally unique interpretation of one’s scribbled page unfolds with physical and mental dexterity. The artists are truly in sync, which weirdly enough is received as a glorious gift to the scribbler through their original music and choreography. 

Suspended in time, it takes as long as it takes.

Others around, marvel at the sound and visually pleasing movement, wondering what the scribble originally looks like. Every fibre of their enthralling being is committed.

But it doesn’t end there. The emotion lingers. A conversation with the Artists ensues. A digital keepsake is gifted to the scribbler.

How personal!  How generous! How unique!

Was I prepared to have such an emotional connection with the invited experience?

Surprisingly this process over-rode my discerning, experienced eye and I was indeed moved.

Go! Enjoy!

Step outside your comfort zone and be prepared to be moved on a very special level.

Thank you, Anita and Jake.




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