Moera Community Hall, 105 Randwick Crescent, Moera, Lower Hutt

20/01/2020 - 25/01/2020

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A theatre experience for children coming to Moera

Colourful costumes, oversized props and catchy tunes are sure to delight in an upcoming children’s theatre production. Snowbright and the Oopsie Woopsies will be performed at the Moera Community Hall 20th-25th January.

The play is set in Naenae and features the beloved title character from the Snowbright and the Frozen Waste: An Eco Fairytale children’s book written by Geraldine Brophy.

“In this play Snowbright takes on the Oopsie Woopsies, a local gang of bullies. Bullying is something that many children experience and this play teaches the importance of being kind and celebrating differences,” says Geraldine, Artistic Director and writer of the play. “The dialogue and songs include Te Reo Maori just like the original book.”

Everything about the show is designed to enable children to see themselves and relate to the characters.

“The props and set are oversized to make the adult cast look smaller, and the costumes are bright and reminiscent of a child dressing themselves in their own unique style,” says Ruby Carter, Costume Designer and cast member.

The story of Snowbright and the Oopsie Woopsies is told through song and dance, with music composed by Sam Jones. The engaging show will encourage children who want to interact with the characters to get involved.

“Our local diversity is celebrated by including Te Reo Maori and sign language, and shares the message of being inclusive to all,” says Bethany Miller, Musical Director and cast member.

Moera Community Hall
20th – 25th January 2020
12noon and 2pm
Tickets are $10 for a child, $20 for an adult and $35 for a caregiver plus two children
Tickets can be purchased at
Door ticket sales (cash only) will also be available. 

SnowBright - Grace Hadfield
Molly - Genoveva Reverte Neal
Cesar - Bethany Miller  
Oopsies Leader - Haydn Carter
Oopsie 2 - Ruby Carter

Written, Directed and Produced by Geraldine Brophy
Musical Composer - Sam Jones
Lyrics - Geraldine Brophy
Set Design and Construction - Bob Rowell
Costume Design and Construction - Ruby Carter
Musical Direction - Bethany Miller
Choreographer - Genoveva Reverte Neal
Stage Manager - Grace Hadfield
Assistant SM - Haydn Carter.

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Printing - Harbour City Funeral Home

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35 Mins

Kindness, love and lovely harmonies

Review by Deborah Eve Rea 20th Jan 2020

Snowbright and the Oopsie Woopsies brings to the stage the title character of Geraldine Brophy’s children’s book, Snowbright and the Frozen Waste; An Eco Fairytale.

After possibly the warmest welcome ever to the theatre (via director, Geraldine Brophy – my little ones felt like royalty) we meet Snowbright (Grace Hadfield), a self described “professional genius”. She and her friends Molly (Genoveva Reverte Neal) and Cesar (Bethany Miller) just want to have a nice time together in their neighbourhood singing, dancing, having parties and making crazy inventions. Their merriment is quashed however by the local bullies, the Oopsie Woopsies (Haydn Carter and Ruby Carter). It’s up to Snowbright and her friends to set the Oopsie Woopsies right through the use of kindness and love.

The show features a sprinkling of Te Reo and a song is signed in NZSL. Music by Sam Jones and Geraldine Brophy is great, with catchy melodies and clear messages to take home: “Kia kaha, I am strong!”; “I can be loud, I can be brave!” The singing is strong with lovely harmonies. The cast and songwriting team could easily form a Wiggles meets Spice Girls side-hustle.

Snowbright and the Oopsie Woopsies is brought to life with a colourful and oversized set design (Bob Rowell) including Alice in Wonderland-esque cake, biscuits and sandwiches which the young audience is invited to the stage to ‘dine’ on. (There is no connection made to the famous fairytale of a similar name so don’t bring your kids in their yellow and blue dress-up frocks.)

At just 25 mins, Nextstage gives you a sweet introduction to theatre for the littlies.

Luna Rama (aged 3.5): “I liked the show. It was a fun time. The Oopsie Woopsies were naughty and they were my favourite and so was Molly in the pink dress. And Snowbright was my favourite because she’s a best friend and Cesar because of space and I like space and making things. And everyone was my favourite. I liked going on the stage the most and I like the music. The sandwiches were very heavy. I liked getting my photo taken with the people after.” 


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