Southside Comedy 2010 (NZ)

Vodafone Events Centre, Manukau, Auckland

30/04/2010 - 30/04/2010

NZ International Comedy Festival 2010

Production Details

Now in its 5th huge year! 
50 of our best comedians have stormed the stage at the wonderful Genesis Theater out Southside.
If you are not one of the thousands who have loved South Auckland’s premiere comedy show then book early and often for an awesome start to your weekend!
Hosted by Billy T award winner Mike Loder. With several of the hottest acts on the circuit in a two hour plus standup comedy showcase.
Group discounts are available and this is also a great opportunity for young adults to see comedy outside a bar environment. 
Great show! Great venue! Great value! Great night out!  

Dates: Fri 30 April, 8pm
Venue: Telstra Clear Pacific, 770 Great South Rd, Manakau City
Tickets: Adults $24, Conc. & Groups 10+ $20 
Bookings: 0800 4 TICKET (484 253)

We leave a few worries lighter

Review by Venus Stephens 02nd May 2010

Southside Comedy has a sizeable venue to cater to the multitude of Comedy enthusiasts out to laugh off the week’s stress and trials. Host, Billy T Award Winner Mike Loder, has the audience onside with his ‘lovely radio voice’, vocal pot shots and clever one-liners.

With the tone of the night set, introduction is made of the evening’s first comedian, Sean Downie. Laughs come thick and fast as Downie laments, takes-up and shakes-down topics in range from ESOL teaching to the UN.

Comedian Philip Patston approaches his set in a self-deprecating way, seamlessly funny; a year’s absence from the stage has done nothing to diminish his comic prowess. He jokes about age; thankfully, senility has done nothing to his wit.  

Unfortunately, rude audience members mar his set; one thing that riles me to the point of attack is arrogant and rude (women!) who exit a space like a herd of high-heeled buffalo, when a performer is onstage. Manners cost nothing, ‘do as you would be done by’.

Andre King is third to take the stage, a statuesque man, he is keen to loot the prize of ethnicity, his target being his own. There is no humour like it, the Kiwi sort, with the, ‘It’s okay, we’re bros’ personality to it. His version of race relations is excellent fodder for comedy, and plied well in his hands.

Andrew Clay is seen in as the feature act of the night. He looks tired; thankfully, this has no detrimental effect on his humour. The audience barrels along laughing as he half-heartedly asks if his 20 minutes is up yet. Laid back, Clay’s personal, and career accounts get an airing, as he manipulates his life stories to up our comic enjoyment.

At the set’s end, Mike Loder graciously closes the evening with thanks, and we the audience leave this successful instalment of Southside Comedy a few worries lighter. 
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