SPACE COUCH A Live Comedy Chat Show

San Francisco Bathhouse, 171 Cuba St, Wellington

21/05/2019 - 25/05/2019

NZ International Comedy Festival 2019

Production Details

This May, the live comedy chat show nobody asked for comes to Wellington.

Raised by a 23” cathode ray tube TV flickering images of David Letterman, Jon Stewart and Oprah directly in to his brain, Tim knew he wanted to host his own chat show. After blackmailing national treasure Disasteradio into the essential role of band leader/sidekick, Tim is now able to live out his misguided fantasies during the 2019 NZ International Comedy Festival.

Space Couch is hosted by comedian Tim Batt, joined by electronic/synthpop musician Luke Rowell (aka Disasteradio/Eyeliner). This premiere late-night line up show in the 2019 NZ International Comedy Festival will be exciting, unpredictable and hilarious.

Tim and Disasteradio will be joined each night by a slew of surprisingly top shelf celebrities, live music and guest comedians – think Fallon, but not shit.

Host Tim Batt co-created NZ’s most successful podcast (The Worst Idea of All Time, with over 10 million downloads), has two nominations for the Billy T Award (2014/15) and one for LA Laugh Factory’s Funniest Person in The World contest (2016).

“(Tim is) by my gauge, one of the brightest young comedians the Southern Hemisphere’s seen in yonks.” – Chlöe Swarbrick

Luke Rowell aka Disasteradio has been creating and performing electronic and synth music around the world for over 10 years. Influenced heavily by technology and internet culture, this will be his debut in a live comedy show.

“Disasteradio makes totally righteous party music with an inherent sense of fun that immediately captures your attention” – Under The Radar | |
Facebook – Tim Batt – Comedian/Man | Facebook – Disasteradio
Twitter – Tim Batt | Twitter – Disasteradio
Instagram – @TimBattNZ

San Fran
21-25 May 2019
Full Price:  $25
Concession:  $20
Group 6+:  $20
Cheap Wednesday:  $20
*service fee may apply

No wheelchair access | Occasional bad language
R18, unless with their parent or legal guardian. Strictly enforced.

Theatre , Spoken word , Comedy ,

Irreverent, rambunctious and raucous

Review by Margaret Austin 24th May 2019

San Fran on Cuba is a monument to the seventies with its worn stairs, aged wall posters and generally dilapidated splendour. To say nothing of the decibel level that precedes Space Couch: a Live Comedy Chat Show presented by double act host Tim Batt and sound effects and music man Eyeliner.  

The couch of the show’s title presides at centre and is flanked by our two chat show exponents. We learn first up that the couch has already orbited Earth 600 times. What kinds of guests will grace its cushions we wonder?

Meantime, our slender host touches on some contemporary topics: he’s recently fallen victim to veganism and is no longer able to get the lid off a jar. He also mentions the breaking news of the country’s newest political party, to be headed by none other than Hannah Tamaki, wife of Bishop Brian. If I hadn’t heard that news myself on RNZ a couple of hours ago, I would have found it one of the best jokes in the comedy festival.*

During an exploration of each other’s pasts, it emerges that our music man is familiar with the stoic philosophy of Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius. Such an esoteric classical reference in such a show is as refreshing as it is surprising. I only wish were more.

And now to the guests. The first is Alice Snedden who has a key to the city, a Pavlovian response to thunder and an easy rapport with the audience. “This is a sex positive show,” she assures us.

The Phoenix Foundation’s Luke Buda as the second guest and further action involves questions from the couch itself, a jamming interlude, and a hand out titled Commie News.

All in all, Space Couch: a Live Comedy Chat Show is marked by an easy rapport among its participants and with the audience. It’s irreverent, rambunctious and raucous. Ah, so San Fran…

*[Tim Batt has since gained media fame for beating the Tamakis to purchasing various Coalition Party domain names – ed.] 


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