Q Theatre Loft, 305 Queen St, Auckland

04/05/2013 - 18/05/2013

NZ International Comedy Festival 2007-09, 2013

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Tired of dragging your kids to Saturday morning sports matches? You know the deal where once a month someone has to bring oranges and has to wash the kit? Well there will be no dirty kits here. Not even a smattering of anything filthy with the NZ International Comedy Festival’s family friendly show, Stand-Up For Kids.

It’s the hour-long comedy showcase for the whippersnappers that big kids will enjoy too. Across three Saturdays during the Festival at Loft at Q Theatre, local and international comics come together for jokes, games, and physical comedy with Stand-Up For Kids.

Quickly becoming a family-themed Festival favourite over the years, Stand-Up For Kids combines jokes, games and physical comedy that your little squirts will love being a part of. It’s guaranteed to blow the laugh quota of both children and their older’n’wiser counterparts. Especially as the funniest magician in the universe, Jarred Fell, returns to oversee the proceedings!

Don’t miss this 60 minute comedy showcase of the funniest family–friendly material and monster mayhem with giggles guaranteed!

The Stand-up for Kids show is like the Most funnyiest Show ever because you won’t stop laughing and stop clapping at all.” Corryna, age 7

Tickets on sale now- don’t let your little joker miss out! Adults at Kids Prices!

Please note – we’re all for extra-curricular sporting activities. We’re just empathetic regarding Saturday mornings – have a sleep in, then come and have a giggle instead!

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Sat 4, Sat 11 & Sat 18May, 3pm
Loft at Q Theatre, 305 Queen Street, Auckand CBD
Tickets: Adults at Kids prices $19.50 (service fees may apply) 
Book at 09 309 9771 |

Saturdays only

Fun for all, educational for parents

Review by Shirin Brown 06th May 2013

It’s hard to know what to expect when you turn up at an event called Stand-Up for Kids.  Once you get over the fact that half the audience is under five and feels compelled to stand up themselves, stomp from the conveniently laid out mat to find their parents sitting in row 7G and H, and clamber over everyone in the process, you can almost relax.  

Jared Fell is an excellent host and manages to ride on the title of magician in spite of only having one magic trick that actually works.  Nonetheless he has both kids and adults enthralled – I mean what magician could be that bad?  It is however, his failed attempt at hypnotism – “Now sleep” – uttered to the heckling child that really brings the house down. 

First out is Elis James, whose Welsh accent doesn’t seem to faze the kids. They share his panic at getting a lolly stuck in his throat with enactments of all the various friends and members of the family who get involved in his escape from death by choking. 

This is followed by Steve Wrigley, who masterfully works off what the kids give him – demonstrating how to get soy milk and cheese from an unsuspecting cow – that may or may not be hiding under the stage. 

Having rarked up the audience, James Nokise finds it hard to keep on track as by then the hecklers have got a taste for it and are determined to share their lives.  In response to the yelling of “I’ve got a sister,” he calmly replies, “This joke works well with a sister too,” and keeps on going. 

The kids love it, as do the adults.  If you enjoy having fun with kids, and if you’re a parent who wishes you could think up cutting remarks for the constant heckling we get in our daily lives, Stand-Up for Kids is both a fun and an educational experience. 

It’s back on Saturdays 11th and 18th but look out for more shows as they’ve almost sold out.


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