STEVE WRIGLEY @wrigglemania

The Garden Club, 13b Dixon Street, Wellington

27/04/2010 - 01/05/2010

Basement Theatre, Lower Greys Ave, Auckland

04/05/2010 - 08/05/2010

NZ International Comedy Festival 2010

Production Details

What a year it’s been for Steve Wrigley. Having won the 2008 Billy T Award for his revealing and confessional show “First Time” Steve returned to the Comedy Festival in 2009 with his hilarious account of the tomfoolery that he and his best mates from Wellington get up to in “Of Mates and Mischief”.
From the time the lights go down, my friend Sarah and I stay in fits of laughter, along with the rest of the house.” –
Since then there’s been a move to Auckland, a stint on the radio and now fizzing his face off all over the TV with regular spots on TV3’s 7Days and the summer show @seven. In the (slightly altered) words of the Black Eyed Peas, “I’ve got a feeling that today’s going to be a good day… for Steve Wrigley”.
With abounding energy and positivity Steve has quickly created a place for himself amongst in our national psyche. Who could deny that face that is always smiling at you and looking at the optimistic side of life? Perfect!
In 2010 with his new show “@wrigglemania” Steve takes a look at the growth he’s experienced over the last few years. Significant stuff by the way, turning 30, getting engaged and dealing with the fast changing ways of modern existence. Phew. With the explosion in new forms of communication, what the heck is going on? From Bebo to MySpace, FaceBook, Twitter, what’s happening? Turning 31 is inevitable but what else can we count on?
With someone of Steve’s caliber, loyalty and optimism you can be sure that when you see him tonight, it’s the night you’ll be living it up, he’ll go out an smash it. Steve will be giving it his all that’s for sure, and it’s not only that he’s absolutely hilarious… he’s inspiring. If you work it right you’ll see him on the dance floor later, like oh my god, lets paint the town, we’ll shut it down… and then he’ll do it again.
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Dates: Tuesday 27 April – Saturday 1 May, 8.30pm
Venue: The Garden Club, 13 Dixon St, Wellington
Tickets: Adults $25, Conc. & Groups 10+ $23
Bookings: Ticketek, 0800 TICKETEK,
Show duration: 1 hour

Dates: Tuesday 4 – Saturday 8 May, 8.30pm
Venue: The Basement, Lower Greys Ave, City
Tickets: Adults $25, Conc. & Groups 10+ $23
Bookings: Ticketek, 0800 TICKETEK,
Show duration: 1 hour  



Review by Nik Smythe 05th May 2010

Back in the Basement to let us know what he’s been up to since last time, Steve Wrigley hits the ground running, harassing the opening-night crowd for most of them getting in free (yeah, cheers for that Steve). 

He’s one of those endearingly eccentric yet plainly human comedians, brimming with playful energy and continuously sporting a wide grin that echoes Terry Jones. He spends a good first quarter explaining to the potentially slower folks in the audience, those who might be from Taupo or Hamilton for instance, the ins and outs of homophobia and his own experiences in confronting it. 

Wrigley’s infectious charm is derived partly from the vivid descriptions of the people he meets and stuff he encounters, all regaled with a self-effacing twinkle in his eye. One poker-faced lass in the front row got the full desperate manic comedy treatment till he managed at least a smile from her, getting most of us rolling in the aisles in the process.

He’s not ashamed of, well, much it seems. Certainly his sexual prowess, or lack thereof, is something he’s so comfortable with he doesn’t even mind dragging the reputation of his long-term fiancé down with him. He’s also a proud Star Wars fanatic (which are much more rare these days, since the last trilogy), and saliently notes that he seems to offend more people mentioning Star Wars than with racism, sexism or paedophilia. 

@Wrigglemania is an unassuming show based on the challenges of attempting to better oneself, but not too hard. More to the point, he’s a funny bastard. 


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Charmingly disturbing

Review by Suzanne Edwards 28th Apr 2010

Steve Wrigley follows up his 2008 Billy T Award winning show ‘First Time’ and the 2009 “Of Mates and Mischief” with “@wrigglemania“, an engaging and energetic show that has the crowd smiling, laughing and participating in a manner that even Steve didn’t expect.

Being multi-lingual, Steve treats the crowd to some special insights into other cultures. His logic is impeccable (How can we enjoy meat pies?) and stories of his childhood are charming and maybe just a little disturbing.

With abrief foray into the world of rap Wrigglemania is a delightful show I would happily take my friends to.
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