Stir Fried Plays: Self-Serve

Maidment Theatre - Musgrove Studio, Auckland

31/08/2010 - 04/09/2010

Production Details

The University of Auckland’s Stage Two Productions and Theatre of Love is delighted to bring back Stir Fried Plays for the third time. A showcase of original 5, 10, 20 & 30 minute short plays combining the talent of over 35 fresh, new theatre makers. Stir Fried Plays has been wildly successful over the past two seasons and comes to you in 2010 with an innovative and surprising twist.

Stir Fried Plays: Self Serve allows the audience to choose the order the plays are performed in and includes a wildcard improvised play each night ‘to keep everyone on their toes’ says producer James Wenley.

Dangerous and unpredictable Stir Fried: Self Serve serves up an exciting mix of scripts and genres.

Explore the dilemmas of dating with Single Talk by Leigh Fitzjames. Follow Dianne as she sets out to find out just how ‘single’ her boyfriend is. ..

Get lost in Cam Nealie’s Misplaced as Mike finds himself in a hopeless spot…

Set yourself on fire with Roast by Nicole Steven and get deeper into Auckland’s scandalous cafe scene…

Sell your soul in Tom Carlyle’s The Lamentable Tragedy of John F as John F conjures up a demon to help him pass his exams…

Join Josh on the run from the cops in Jonathan Riley’s one man play French Bay

Get your freak on with Tim George’s Opposites Attract and watch in horror as a couple battles with their bizarre sex life. Warning: contains sea monsters…

Avoid marriage at all costs with The Rose by Jonathan Potton, observe a husband and wife in their dysfunctional domestic existence until a Rose disturbs everything…

Go out and live in James Wenley’s The Captain where a mysterious man meets Adam at a bus stop and leads him on a wild ride that changes his life forever…

And indulge in a treat with Stir Fried Self Serve’s highlight, a wildcard improvised play performed on the night right off the bat in front of your very eyes.

Featuring the talents of Stir Fried regulars Omar Al-Sobky (Closer, Tommy), Paul Fagamalo (Rent, ATC’s Romeo and Juliet), Nick Gray (Macbeth, Here Lies Lex), Michael Bugbee (The Docks, Here lies Lex), and Chanel Turner (Peter Pan, Tommy). Special guests directors include Patrick Graham (Pink Lighter, White Trash Omnibus), Adam King (Dark Warrior) and Benjamin Teh (Where The Monsters Are, Robert VS Ninja).

‘Anything could happen,’ says James. ‘The cast and crew are going to be kept super busy dealing with the audiences unique choices each night. It could all come crashing down at any time!’

Praised in 2009 by Theatreview Critic Candice Lewis, ‘I totally recommend this tasty line up, it’s great to see these writers/directors put themselves out there, and I look forward to more servings in the future’, Stir Fried Plays: Self Serve is a thrilling theatre collaboration featuring Auckland’s hot new talent on and off stage.

Stir Fried Plays: Self Serve
Spicy, Saucy, Surprising.
Tues 31 Aug – Sat 4 Sept, 7:30pm
Musgrove Studio, Maidment Theatre
Students: $15 / Adults $20

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