The Scruffy Bunny at Courtenay Creative, 49 Courtenay Place, Wellington

07/03/2019 - 09/03/2019

NZ Fringe Festival 2019

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An exciting comedy show including scripted, devised and improvised works from some of the best young talent Wellington has to offer.

Starring: Austin Harrison, Campbell Wright, Jasmine Bryham, Jaime Matthews, Nina Hogg, Kathryn Ford, Millie Osborne, Sharne Molloy-Turpin and Tu Manihera-Thomson

The Scruffy Bunny at Courtenay Creative, 49 Courtenay Place, Wellington
Thursday 07 – Saturday 09 March 2019
General Admission $10.00
Fringe Addict $7.00
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Wheelchair access available

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Amusing but could be more politically engaged

Review by Jorge Morales 08th Mar 2019

Lighthearted, a bit shaky, but StudyLink Presents Comedy Related Costs generates quite a few laughs. A cast of very young and enthusiastic up and coming comedy/improv prospects take turns on the stage in a performance that relies heavily on audience involvement – and an equally young and enthusiastic crowd finds no trouble relating.

When everyone is asked to shout out their StudyLink balance, everyone happily (or maybe in despair) puts this intimate part of themselves out here with no problem. Audience and cast seem a match made in heaven which really helps the show run smoothly, but given it caters to such a precise audience, it might not engage a wider one.

The cast need to juggle with whatever they are thrown, and they do it quite well. Even when it is not an optimal catch, the amount of energy and enthusiasm makes up for that. The interaction is cheeky and daring, which the audience willingly seems to accept without discomfort.

Beyond this, a sense of missed opportunity emerges. New Zealand university students are not having the best of times, to put it mildly. Student debt piles, house renting is getting beyond anyone’s means: the socioeconomic circumstances are really pushing university students against the wall. A show with with such a witty name, placed within that context, raises expectations of a more politically engaged performance.

It is not a requirement, but art and comedy are optimal vehicles with which to traverse such territory with a crowd of disenfranchised young university students. It seems more important than ever that a cast equipped to produce wit and laughter about their student audience’s circumstances should also take a political stance.


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