SUMMER STAR TREK The Naked Time (no nudity involved)

Dowse Square, Lower Hutt

07/02/2015 - 07/02/2015

Aro Park, Wellington

12/02/2015 - 21/02/2015

Production Details

It’s warp speed ahead as Enterprise Entertainment brings their crowd-pleasing show Summer Star Trek to Wellington for the second year of their five-year mission. 

Summer Star Trek is a live performance of a classic Star Trek episode. 
February 7 at Dowse Square and
February 12-14 and 19-21 at Aro Park in the Aro Valley.

[Note: Paramount allows fan tributes for the Original Series of Star Trek as long as it is not done for profit.]

This year’s episode is the much-beloved The Naked Time (no nudity involved).  Captain Kirk and his crew find themselves up against their own uninhibited fears and desires, as an unknown virus plays havoc with their minds. With the ship plunging towards catastrophe, will they regain control in time, or will they go up in the ‘biggest ball of fire since the last sun in these parts exploded’?

Expanding on the popularity of the event last year, Enterprise Entertainment have partnered with Urban Dream Brokerage to present “A Gallery of Fandom”, showcasing the set and props from the show.  The gallery will invite people to take a spin in the captain’s chair, dress up as their favourite character, and share their own fan experiences (venue TBC, January 27-February 21).

Says Director Shannon Friday, “This whole project is built on fan love, and our audience is made up of so many big-hearted fans.  I’m really excited to get more people on board with sharing their stories of the series.”

In addition, the crew will be beaming over to Dowse Square on February 7 for a koha performance to benefit Starship Children’s Hospital. Says Friday, “Starship and Enterprise — it just makes sense.  And this is something we’ve wanted to do for a while.  Geeks should do good in the world.”

The cast and crew are a combination of old and new faces, with James Bayliss returning as Captain Kirk, Jono Ensor as Spock, Alida Steemson as Lieutenant Riley, and Thomas Pepperell as The Door.  Joining them for their first mission are Mouce Young as Sulu, Tillz Matafeo as Uhura, and Simon McArthur as Scotty, along with many others.

So put on your red shirt and head on over to Aro Park for a show with phasers set to stunning!

What: Summer Star Trek: The Naked Time
Where: Aro Park and Dowse Square, rain venue tbc with Urban Dream Brokerage

Dowse Square
12noon, 7 February

Aro Park
preshow at 6pm, show 6.30pm
12-14 and 19-21 of February
Cost: Free — Koha gratefully accepted

Captain James T Kirk - James Bayliss
Spock - Jono Ensor
Sulu - Mouce Young
Riley - Alida Steemson
Scotty - Simon McArthur
McCoy - Bronwyn Ensor  
Nurse Chapel - Cordelia Black  
Uhura - Tillz Matafeo
Tormolen/Door - Jamie Fenton
Rand - Charli Gartrell
Harrison - Nathaniel Fallow
Brent - Shaneel Sidal
Moody/Door - Susan Williams
Wilson - Jack McCarthy
Door/Foley - Thomas Pepperell

Bethany Miller - Soprano/Cello
Katie Morton – Accordion
Emma Woburn - MD/Composer
Cindy Jemmett – Flute
Joel Miller - Violin

Production Crew
Director - Shannon Friday
Production Manager - Katerina Schmidt
Stage Manager - Antonia van Koeverden
Assistant Stage Manager - Rueben Wane
Costume Lead - Ashleigh Pope
Costume Assistant - Susannah Donovan
Props - Alysha Dougherty
Set Painter - Anna Jenkins
Console Engineer - Vincent Wong
Print Publicity - Cindy Jemmett
Social Media Publicity - Susannah Donovan
Poster Designer - David Lafferty of ImaGenius Art
Photography - Susannah Donovan and Katerina Schmidt
Make-up and Hair Design - Laura Saurus 

Thur, Fri, Sat only at Aro

Wellingon City Council
Aotearoa Gaming Trust
Creative NZ
Auckland City Council