The Wine Cellar, St Kevins Arcade (K Rd), Auckland

18/10/2010 - 18/10/2010

Stark White Gallery, Auckland

17/10/2010 - 17/10/2010

Production Details

Superflux tour NZ this October, visiting Auckland 17 & 18 October 

SUPERFLUX is an interdisciplinary ensembleusing film, video, sound, and the physicality of performing through these mediums.

SUPERFLUX gather together four improvisers from Grenoble, France who have been involved in experimental film, video and sound making for 15 years. 

Lafoxe is a live sound-on-film performance duo,
Gaëlle Rouard and Etienne Caire play with two customized 16mm projectors.
This performance is a game of disassembling conventional narrative mechanics. Irreverent and free handling inflicted to films and projectors turns over the spectator. He’s the witness of the collapsing narrative pretext and find himself projected in the very matter of the cinematographic process.

A cinema whose ultimate transformation is definitively not placed on the film.

Filmbase is a video vs cinema 16 mm live improvisation.
Gaëlle Rouard / Étienne Caire

In a genuine gesture of instrumentist, Filmbase develops a set of rythm and texture research, visual and sound compositions, which gives enter to a new substance…

Lionel Palun defined is work as electro-video. In Filmbase he does not use prepared image, he refilms light sent by Riojim. From the software he has developed, he worked in direct image by filtering feedback, delay and movements.

Riojim feeds the equation with his 16 mm films projections. Images are shot and processed at Atelier MTK, a cinema laboratory ( processing, optical printer, editing) for artists.

MetalkinG ¡¡¡ EL KINO UP YOUR EARS !!!
Richarles Bronson bass & electronic
Riojim16mm projector

A MetalkinG performance is a concentrated and intense affair : equipped with the barest essentials, a bass guitar and a couple of electronics junks, Bronson improvises fast and loud japanoïse. Riojim work methods are as crudely effective as those of Bronson: he apply severe treatment to the projector, play around with the film and the homemade optical sound-on-film.

Stark White Gallery
Sunday Oct 17, 7pm

Wine Cellar back room
Monday Oct 18, 8:30pm
Collaborations with Vitamin S
To SUPERFLUX website:


Darren Harkness
Erikka Strada
Simon Cumuna
Ivan Mrsich
Rohan Evans
Derek Tearne 

Gaelle Rouard – projection and sound
Etienne Caire – projection and sound
Richarles Bronson – bass & Electronics
Lionel Palun – electro video
Riojim – 16mm projector 

Audio visual assault

Review by Nik Smythe 18th Oct 2010

Four self-proclaimed ‘improvisers’ hailing from Grenoble, France, deliver a line-up of chaotic ‘performances’ – not performance in the on-stage sense I was expecting, rather the artists perform through their mediums – Gaëlle Rouard and Etienne Caire’s 16mm projectors and their accompanying live sound-on-film duo ‘Lafoxe’.

In terms of content there’s little to hang one’s hat upon, particularly for a reviewer trying to find a way to describe this abstract mash-up of eclectic, antiquitous cinema and post-industrial art-noise. The engaging element, as the promo copy suggests, is in disbanding with narrative and examining the process by which the challenging assault on the audio-visual senses is delivered.

The first piece splutters into being in a manner in which at first I’m not certain if everything is going quite right. Popping speakers, melting celluloid, blurring, juddering, stretching and shrinking moving images do their chaotic dance to a growling, abrasive machine-driven soundtrack. The relentless barrage continues for half an hour or so, resembling a kind of spat-out byproduct of sonic and cinematic residue that would need a forensics expert to extrapolate any sense from.

Following a short break the second piece has a more constant tone, less stop-start. It also comes closer to presenting a comprehensible, if unpleasant narrative about a pretty young woman set upon by a gang of bodgie-type thugs. The third and final work draws a similar path with the flagellation of a medieval monk, while the grinding cacophonous soundtrack rises to an almost overbearing crescendo.

For all its apparent randomness, it’s obvious there’s been much preparation and application by the artists in producing these original pieces. In lieu of any distinct meaning or clear purpose, it’s naturally human to attempt to assign one’s own meaning to the ensuing presentation. Concepts that pass through my mind include but aren’t limited to war, cultural division, religion, love, hate, abuse, nostalgia, regret, ecology and death. 

Old style scratchy Technicolor analogue film has an appeal in itself for many enthusiasts, and could be reason enough to check the work out if only to examine the aesthetic results of the methods and execution of the Superflux team. The only other Auckland presentation is at Vitamin S in the Wine cellar, St Kevin’s Arcade, tonight (Monday, 8.30pm), further accompanied by local performers. 
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