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07/03/2017 - 08/03/2017

Auckland Arts Festival 2017

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Did you stop going to the dentist when your parents stopped paying for it? Do you feel a wave of guilt when you get an annual ‘reminder’ that you’re overdue for a checkup? Or do you only visit the dentist when something hurts? This event is for you.

No guilt-tripping about needing to floss more. No boring lectures about mouth wash. Just a fun and informative chat to help you avoid the mare of outrageous dental bills.

Why? Oral diseases are preventable! Early detection and professional help can genuinely make a difference. Join experienced dental hygienist, Grace Maguire and trained dentist, Sam Smith as they use their powers for good. They will give advice and tips to help keep your smile beautiful.

There will be spot prizes. There will be freebies. There will be special guests. Plus, the first 20 people will get a goodie bag full of items essential for keeping your teeth and gums healthy.

“Thanks to Grace’s oral health night I still floss nightly years later. I have always cared about my dental hygiene but I hadn’t really been exposed the information explaining why and how to do this properly. Grace creates a relaxed and informal evening that is simply fun to be a part of.” — Ash Jones

It would be fab to see you there! 

Beop Studios
7 – 8 March 2017
Free Event

Please note:
Free event but due to limited venue capacity please email hello@yoursmileisimportant.co.nz to register for your ticket. 

This Event is an: Oral Health Information Evening

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Commendable ‘dentucation’ quest

Review by Nik Smythe 08th Mar 2017

In the inviting new studio space of esoteric futureband The Beop (www.thebeop.com), passionate dental hygienist Grace Maguire and her fully qualified actual dentist sidekick Dr Sam Smith present a chatty, light-hearted seminar addressing a topic of paramount importance. I confess to having expected a more theatrical show than the casual info-centric discussion that is Teeth Talk… I guess the clue’s in the title. 

Initially inspired by Grace’s discovery on entering the dental workforce that, while great lengths are taken to impress upon children the importance of active, consistent oral care, the promotion of this vital message is not followed though into the post-school years and beyond.  This has resulted in rather concerning statistics about the general state of Kiwi adults’ teeth, hence here we are getting schooled in the whys and wherefores of recommended dental practices. 

The first, most obvious question – why aren’t otherwise conscientious NZ grown-ups more diligent with their precious ivories?  Besides phobias and wilful procrastination, I hazard a guess that it has a lot to do with the financial cost – a mere consultation is dear enough, even before the real expensive work begins.  As Grace quite logically points out however, the longer one avoids confronting the issue, the more it hurts both the gums and the wallet.

The central device to advance the conversation involves us all participating, indeed competing in a fun real-time online quiz to which we’re connected via our ubiquitous smartphones.  The intention is to dispel various common misconceptions regarding the science and application of good oral hygiene, and it would be fair to say there’s at least a couple of genuine surprises for most of us.

Grace and Sam are not trained actors but they’re affably easy-going, occasional nervous bumbling aside. They know their onions where dentistry is concerned; although they aren’t specifically mentioned, I daresay they would most likely advise cleaning after eating onions not only for polite freshness of breath but also to combat their natural high acidity. 

As for Grace’s quest to facilitate ongoing quality dental health for all New Zealanders, along with improving the public’s basic knowledge and know-how I feel this commendable dream can only be fully realised with some serious backing at a parliamentary level. 


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