The 80s and 90s Childhood Train of Awesomeness - for kids & grown ups

Wellington Museum (formerly Wellington Museum of City and Sea), Wellington

12/02/2017 - 26/02/2017

NZ Fringe Festival 2017 [reviewing supported by WCC]

Production Details

A fun family-friendly workshop that will be NZ Sign Language interpreted, where kids learn why their grown-ups dance and act the way they do. An hour long childhood flashback to why growing up in the 80s and 90s was awesome.

Parents and kids will have fun learning the Fresh Prince theme tune, learn some fun 80s and 90s dance moves and finish with a funky dance party. Suitable for ages 4years and up.

Wellington Museum, Jervois Quay, Wellington 6011
12, 19, 26 Feb, 10.30am

Family , Workshop , Theatre ,

1 hr [Sundays only]

A welcome, far cry from the mass-produced large venue kids shows

Review by Patrick Davies 13th Feb 2017

The Dramabuds have taken over a room in the Wellington Museum and turned it into the 80s and 90s. We walk in to toys, puzzles, music and fashion from those (insert your own adjective) eras. Or given what we’re about to remember – errors.

Claire and Saran (who provides NZSL throughout) are our journey’s masters on this awesome train and the room is full of kids and parents eagerly sitting in the fold up chairs moving to ‘Ice Ice Baby’ (You’re humming the tune now, aren’t you). We’ve taken the colourful bandanas and hair ties and created our own fashion statements

Claire welcomes us and we’re off on our way – or would be if we can wake up Ben the techie. This nod to the Wiggles really works in engaging the kids early in the piece and allowing them to speak up during the show. The show is formatted into four segments: four carriages involving Fashion, Dance, music, TV and Films; comparing, contrasting and reminiscing the 80s and 90s for the adults and introducing their parents’ favourite things to their children. Along the way we have help from Leroy and Rachel but this is mainly Claire’s ride.

If you remember The Karate Kid (the real one, not the… oh, don’t get me started), scrunchies, liquorice square styled earrings, Care Bears, Optimus Prime, He-Man, etc. then you are going to get a kick out of remembering when we only had two television channels. And there’s MacGyver and the love Ballad from our first feature length cartoon – ‘You Oughta Be In Love’ to wallow in as well.

The kids get a main blast from seeing the toys and games that they would have played if they were there now. It’s a very low tech in that it doesn’t have the production qualities associated with stronger companies such as Captial E, but this lo-fi, past world is captivating and endearing for that very reason.

Claire and Saran keep the mood flowing whether it be with pictures of some of the most hilarious and hideous haircuts in creation, or YouTube vids of some great dance numbers. The show is broken up for the kids with action bits – practicing some great, snazzy dance moves (which will come in handy later), and getting the chance to restyle their parents from an array of mind-blowingly neon clothes. Kids also get the chance to dob their parents in for particular roles – the re-imagining of some of the best movies is a great device and got loads of laughs from everybody.

This is an easy show to take your kids, nephews, nieces, whanau to, and to enjoy a 50 min wander to a strange land. A welcome, far cry from the mass-produced large venue kids shows. And there’s the chance to cut a rug with the kids at the end. I would have stayed if I didn’t have to leave – there are some tunes you just have to dance to, and it’s great to have the kids there for the excuse.  


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