The Adventures of Tahi and Kōwhai

Circa Two, Circa Theatre, 1 Taranaki St, Waterfront, Wellington

04/07/2023 - 21/07/2023

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Written and Directed By Jacqueline Coats

Little Dog Barking Theatre

Will love win the day?

This July school holidays, Little Dog Barking Theatre Company invites you to a prequel to 2021’s The White Tree.

Follow the adventures of that story’s most popular comic characters, Tahi and Kōwhai, as these two young hoiho work to create their first home together. Facing a number of challenges along the way, can these two yellow-eyed penguins find a way to be together?

Combining the languages of puppetry, music, English, Te Reo and NZSL, this comic heart-warming tale will thrill and inspire both the young and the young-at-heart.

Featuring an original score by Liam Reid, set design by Tolis Papazoglou, and puppets by Sue Hill.

Circa Two, 4–21 July 2023

July School Holiday – Public shows
4–16 July
Tues – Wed 10am & 11.30am, Thurs – Sat 10am, 11.30am & 1.30pm, Sun 4.30pm

Term 3 ECE and School Performances
18–21 July
Tues – Fri 10am & 11.30am

School Performance prices – please enquire at
General Admission $15
Under 2s free
Family pass $50 (4 tickets)
School Performance prices – please enquire at

Runtime: Approx. 45 mins (no interval)

The Adventures of Tahi and Kōwhai

Performed By Kenny King and Jeremy Hunt
Original Puppet Designer Sue Hill
Puppet/Prop Designer Sharon Johnson
Graphic Designer Tom Noble
Composer/Sound Designer Liam Reid
Set Designer Tolis Papazoglou
Lighting Designer Jason Longstaff
Prop/Puppet/Set Interns Erin Belcher and Nika Beaton
Stage Manager Nicholas Batey
Te Reo Māori Advisor Lawrence Wharerau
NZSL Advisor Pollyanna Ferguson
Producer Hayley Collett
Publicist Anna Barker

Comedy , Family , Puppetry , Theatre ,

45 minutes

Masterful and magical spin-off captivates our tamariki throughout

Review by Deborah Rea with Luna Rama and Dev Rama 05th Jul 2023

Little Dog Barking Theatre first introduced us to Tahi and Kōwhai back in 2021’s The White Tree. They were pretty big scene stealers at the time so I’m excited to see they’ve managed to snag their own spin-off show, written and directed By Jacqueline Coats. Millie’s back too – she’s on holiday with her dog Max where they meet Matiu who’s keeping an eye on the little hoiho.

We follow Tahi and Kōwhai’s love story as they meet, make long distance work and finally settle down, build a nest and hatch some chicks. I love the Baz Luhrmann moment as they discover each other through the tussock patch.

The puppets by Sue Hill and Sharon Johnson are beautiful of course – especially the superb seal (the animal, not the popstar; that would be cool though) with its underwater chase sequence. The sheep poos – and the chicks pop up out of their eggs. Hurrah!

Kenny King and Jeremy Hunt, our puppeteers and narrators, tell the story weaving all three official NZ languages. They’re gentle with our tamariki who are captivated throughout. I’ll admit to shedding a tear during the song ‘Tahi Means One” (composed by Liam Reid).

It says a lot about the mastery of the team when the set only needs some calico and tussock to become magical (set designer, Tolis Papazoglou, lighting designer Jason Longstaff).

Luna Rama aged 7:

I remember when I was five and I went to see The White Tree. I liked how it grew on the stage. That is where I first met Tahi and Kōwhai.

This show was about a penguin (Tahi), a sheep, a boy, a girl, another penguin (Kōwhai), a dog and a bird.

I liked how the penguins were in love. I liked how the dog started playing with the penguin and I also liked how the seal was chasing the little penguin.

The bird kept dropping off letters to Tahi from Kōwhai. I liked how Millie helped Tahi to get out of the rubbish.

They used sign language and Te Reo and English. I liked all of the songs

Dev Rama aged 4.5:

The show was about a penguin called Tahi and another penguin called Kōwhai. I liked when the penguins shared the fish. The sheep did a poo on the stage and I nearly stepped on it when I left. I liked the singing. I remember when Kenny ate a pig’s tail at another show, ahahahhahaaaa – Kenny!


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