Comedy Chamber, Town Hall, Auckland Live, Auckland

27/04/2015 - 09/05/2015

NZ International Comedy Festival 2015

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Four international comedians in one big two-hour show, and this year we’re celebrating the 10th anniversary of a highlight of the Festival each year.

The Big Show 2015 features the fresh talents of Andrew Watts, Nish Kumar and Joel Dommett from England, plus we’ve thrown in hilarious Welsh comedian, Lloyd Langford for good measure.

The ideal Comedy Fest party for family, friends and workmates.

Fully seated and licensed, in cabaret style. Always a hot ticket. Book early for the best tables.

Dates:  Mon 27 April – Sat 2 May, Mon 4 – Sat 9 May 8.30pm


Comedy Chamber, Auckland


Adults $49.50
Conc. $45.50
Groups 8+ $45.50

Monday Special $38.00* service fees may apply


09 970 9700


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2 hours

Guaranteed great night out

Review by Kate Ward-Smythe 28th Apr 2015

The three English and one Welsh stand up comedian who make up The Big Show, are vastly different in style, content and on stage energy, making for a satisfying evening of comedy, full of variety and laughs. 

Host Joel Dommett opens with much enthusiasm, sharing his take on time and his entertaining teen tale of being in a band. However, he’s on the verge of gabbling at times. Thankfully, he settles into a less hyperactive groove by the second half, and is all the stronger for it. By the time he is recounting his ‘player’ story, we are in the palm of his hand.

Bouncing round with audience interaction is another strong, entertainment element of Joel’s routine. On opening night, the offerings from Joe the nurse and Mark, who works in ‘tech support’, are fully explored and reincorporated into the rest of the night, by Joel’s skillful wit.   

Welshman Lloyd Langford is a comedy treat. He’s the sort of comedian who quietly yet confidentially waits for the audience to come to him. He recounts, wistfully, stories from his home town, his time at the factory and appointment viewing in the family lounge to watch the local TV station, as well as other more eclectic delights, such as strangely branded condoms, satin blindfolds and middle class litterers.

I thoroughly enjoy Lloyd’s entire routine and musing style, especially his clever twist on Grey Lynn’s fruit fly buzz which, as with all his stories, sends ripples of laughter through the room.

Polite, intelligent Englishman Andrew Watts starts strong with the hilarious material he performed so well at the Comedy Gala. The rest of his routine is more of the same, drawing on his perspectives and experiences as a larger man, trying to date and pull women. There are plenty of smart, accessible, stereotypical gags about dating, sex and women, and many in the room are laughing throughout.

On a practical level, sometimes Andrew speaks so fast, I simply cannot hear. However, he ends on a high, with material that should be taboo, yet ends up proving that some things are not as dead as they seem. A very clever man. 

As host, Joel gets us on board swiftly and keeps the energy up, ensuring each comedian is warmly introduced. However, I wonder if Joel’s ‘laddish’ story is the best segue into Andrew’s segment. Andrew opens with a ‘laddish’   preamble: possibly a case of too much of the same thing, too close together.

To close the night, British Asian Nish Kumar brings his refreshing contemporary world-view to the night. He has much to say about his Mum and Dad; left-wing vs. right-wing styles of entertainment; American Pie; Adele’s Skyfall; branding catastrophes, climate change, ISIS and even Prince. His politically fuelled suggestions for updating Monopoly, followed by his thoughts on a black James Bond, get two of the biggest reactions of the night.

Nish rants and raves in the best possible way and is as thought provoking as he is laugh out loud funny. Personally, Nish resonates the most for me, not only because his delivery and punch lines are strong and hilarious but also because he chooses to talk about a lot of topics that I find very relevant and stimulating to start with. 

Whatever your comedy flavour, you’re guaranteed a great night out with this show.


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