The Cape

The Playhouse, 31 Albany Street, Dunedin North, Dunedin

07/10/2008 - 25/10/2008

Otago Festival of the Arts

Production Details

They are in Arthur’s car, heading north. Eb, Mo, Jordyn and Arthur are 18, restless, bursting with life and at the same time secretly wound up tight. They will travel 1096kms. Along the way they’ll get wasted, fall out and fall over. They’ll tell lies and confess the truth. By road’s end they’ll have faced their fears and come to know themselves and each other better than they ever did before. At Cape Reinga, the leaping place of the spirits, they’ll stand in the sun and shout and dance like crazy.

The Cape is funny and true, full of tenderness, energy and exuberance. Vivienne Plumb has focused her play on the taut moment of transition from youth to adulthood. But The Cape can stand as an acknowledgement and celebration of rites of passage at any age – the fearful, bewildering, thrilling experience when the past is shed or stripped from us and we step out towards the undiscovered.

The Cape has been performed in Wellington and Auckland. In August it be produced in Christchurch at the Court Theatre. In October it will open in Dunedin.


The Cape is a ‘road play’, set in Arthur’s car and at various stops along the route from Wellington to Cape Reinga. The time is 1994. It is before ‘P’ and before ‘Fantasy’, before everyone owned a mobile phone. It is the year Kurt Cobain died. The soundtrack features the great hip hop and grunge sounds of around that time.

The Dunedin production

The play will perform at the Playhouse Theatre in October. The Cape will be a fully professional production, with all the production standards and values that that implies. Pre-production has already begun. Rehearsals will commence in August and will be held in the evenings and on weekends – an extended rehearsal period designed to accommodate study and other work commitments of the cast. The play will be cast exclusively from Dunedin.

The Playhouse Theatre, Dunedin Oct 7 – 25th 8pm 

WOW! Productions 

Eb:  Matt Johl 
Arthur:  Johnny Appleby 
Jordyn:  Luke Agnew 
Mo:  James Lee 

Produced by Clare Adams - producer
Martyn Roberts - designer 
Natalia  Schwarz - Stage Manager & Sound Operator
Janis Chang - Lighting Operator

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