The Golden Dawn (Cnr Ponsonby and Richmond Roads), Auckland

08/03/2013 - 09/03/2013

Auckland Fringe 2013

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The Finger Family are in town to cast out demons and save souls on the 8th and 9th of March 2013! Experience our special Southern Pentecostal style of music and dance praise worship with a little bit of faith healing thrown in on the side for good measure. 

The Finger Family were dispatched from our hometown church in Turtletown, Tennessee as missionaries back in 1977 to spread the good word of the Pentecostal faith. Our patriarch and spiritual leader Brother Buddy Finger has taken our family through many distant, exotic lands to bear witness to shamans, medicine men, high priestesses, dodgy cult leaders, hallucinogenic horticulturalists and good ol’ god-fearing hippies. We’ve only just now made it to New Zealand and are on a mission to baptise folks in the Holy Spirit with live music and singing from the Finger Family Praise Band, movement worship by the Turtletown Liturgical Dancers and divine healing through the gifted hands of Brother Buddy himself. (Snake handling subject to NZ Customs clearance.)

Brother Buddy’s adoring wife and singer in the Finger Family Praise Band, Sister Fanny Finger, says “We have joined this local Auckland Fringe Festival movement in order to get our message out to a wider audience. We know what sinful and dejected lives artists lead, and we are determined to cleanse their souls and dance that devil right outta them!”

You cannot book for this life-changing event lest you be cursed by ticketing agents of the Devil! Bring an offering worthy of your passage into the gates of Heaven (Brother Buddy is partial to Kentucky Bourbon if that helps).

Please send all prayer requests to producer and Sunday School coordinator Fanny Finger at  or on 021 114 2679.

Have a blessed day.

8th and 9th March, 8pm
Venue: The Golden Dawn (at the unholy crossroads of Ponsonby and Richmond Roads) 

Diverting, even delightful, if somewhat clichéd

Review by Nik Smythe 09th Mar 2013

Di-rect from Turtletown Tennessee, via all round the world, Barefoot Pentecostal Reverend Brother Buddy Finger, his dutiful wife Sister Fanny Finger and band are in Ponsonby this weekend to insert the glorious spirit of the holy lamb deep inside us… 

That’s basically the upshot of the whole hour-or-so’s would-be rousing homily on the power of God (‘Generous, Offering, Donations!’): a relentless, entertaining-enough stream of double-entendre and moral irony. 

Brother Buddy preaches long and hard (see, it’s catching!), with competently soulful interludes of gospel classics, led primarily by Sister Fanny and accompanied with down-home musical flair by Brother Missing Finger on drums and Brother Broken Finger on keys, bass and electric banjo. 

Before the recital begins, five attractive young multi-ethnic choir girls, clad in pure white with flowing wings, mingle and flirt with the sizeable congregation.  During the sermon they supply some backup vocals, but more significantly they provide fairly elaborate, visually pleasing dance routines, further enhanced by their various illumination devices such as flashlights and glowsticks. 

There are apposite communal rituals to engage in along the way, sharing cookie-fortunes, snake-exorcism and the blood of the holy lamb [puppet] herself, Sister Lambie (any relation to Mary I wonder?). Friday’s show had unfortunate sound issues as volume and distortion caused a fair amount of the excitable oration to be unintelligible.   

While it is indeed a hard task to beat the laughable irony of a genuine Pentecostal congregation, the Fingers’ act makes for a diverting – even delightful, if somewhat clichéd – curiosity for folks out drinking in the rustic open-air back bar of the Golden Dawn.  

There is clearly enough talent present among the cast that, with a bit of polish material-wise, in a less casual venue with a better sound mix, they could more successfully arouse the congregation to an appropriate level of rapture. 


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