RE:FUEL BAR, 640 Cumberland St, Dunedin

13/03/2015 - 13/03/2015

Dunedin Fringe 2015

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Christchurch’s Premier Burlesque ‘n’ Bass Club is coming to Dunedin for the first time! Bringing a very special edition just for Dunedin – The Freakshow Peepshow Edition! Burlesque Variety Show @ 8.30pm – Hosted by the burlesque bad ass Ruby Ruin & featuring beautiful burlesque babes Bonita Danger Doll & Desire Me, hip shaking belly dancer Aaralyn of TribalDiva, circus performers & more to be announced!

Bass & Beats @ 10.30pm – Come & join the cast on the dance floor! Nillionaires Club is a one of a kind fundraising event, with all our profits going towards supporting local artists and performers achieve their dreams – be it producing a single, buying a much needed piece of equipment or moving their art to a more international market place.

Our show features a bevy of burlesque beauties, circus performers & more, alongside some of Christchurch’s best deejays and emcees. The only rule the performers must abide by is that their act must be accompanied by heavy bass music. Other than this there are no rules or restrictions, leading to the thrilling mayhem that is Nillionaires Club!

Nillionaires Club is a celebration of local talent and the penny pinching required from us to pursue our dreams. Our Club philosophy is based around living life to the fullest, dreaming big dreams and aiming for the stars despite the usual minimal budget. We support local nillionaires to reach for the stars, where ever those stars might lead.

WARNING: Nillionaires Club contains nudity, profanity & mayhem!

RE:FUEL BAR, 640 Cumberland St, Dunedin 
FRI 13 MAR, 8:30pm  
PRICE:  $15.00 
Tickets – $15 Pre-Sales, $20 on the door 
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Not for the faint of heart

Review by Alison Embleton 14th Mar 2015

Part circus, part burlesque, part variety show, the evening is hosted by the talented Ruby Ruin, the founder of Christchurch’s Nillionaires Club (The club’s philosophy is based on living life to the fullest, and aiming for the stars despite the usual minimal artist’s budget. They support local ‘nillionaires’ who have talent but limited resources: the revenue from their shows goes back into the funding pool for other performers) and includes everything from belly dance (Tribal Diva), to street performance (Mullet Man), to full on burlesque (Ruby Ruin, Bonita Danger Doll and an appearance from Dunedin’s Southern Dolls). The common thread through the evening is the requirement that all performers are required to set their acts to heavy bass music. 

This particular requirement gives the opportunity to hear a wide range of music from every far-flung corner of the sprawling genre of bass; including remixed tracks from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Sia and many more. It also allows for total freedom of expression for the performers, who clearly all enjoy their various crafts immensely, the result of which is a visual treat for the audience.

The Freakshow Peepshow is not for the faint of heart however, with many pasties, much bared flesh, and a baseline intense enough to linger in your head for an hour after the show. Its set-up is excellent for a night out, lots of audience interaction and on-stage banter from the performers, each act is punctuated by a short piece from Ruby Ruin ranging from verbal witticisms to a showcase of her burlesque talents. 

A contemporary piece from belly dance duo Tribal Diva kicksd off the night, followed by the endearing Mullet Man, who wows the crowd with his juggling prowess (and ability to rework his routines last minute due to the low roof above the stage at Re:Fuel). A special appearance from Dunedin’s amateur burlesque club The Southern Dolls showcases the local talent available, and the first half of the show is rounded out by the award-winning Bonita Danger Doll performing a stunning burlesque number, complete with sparkling 9 inch heels. The second half of the show is comprised of additional performances from everyone, including some daring dancing involving a bed of nails, more feathers than anyone could imagine and a salacious wheel-spinning strip game that leads to some fantastic audience participation. 

All in all the night is fantastic, though definitely one best suited to a mildly inebriated audience. A little rough around the edges, a little bit wacky and a little bit weird, this compilation of burlesque, circus acts, contemporary dance and much more is definitely a crowd-pleaser- a sold out show of fantastic New Zealand talent. Not to be missed. 


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