The Frog Prince

Fortune Theatre, Dunedin

29/06/2010 - 10/07/2010

Production Details

INTRODUCING … Princess Matilda; Prince Englebert Augustus Eugene Brown the Seventh; Max the Marvelous – the Greatest Story-teller in the Entire Universe; Petunia Poopersnot … and other assorted characters!

This traditional fairytaleis turned upside down in a highly original New Zealand flavoured re-telling kids will love! Alive with music and magic, The Frog Prince combines all the elements of live story-telling with the comic high-jinks of traditional pantomime, LOTS of audience participation and SINGING!

“Now lend me your ear and watch it unfold,

This wonderful tale I’m longing to tell.
Look out for a Prince, look out for a frog,
And a crazy, old witch madly spinning a spell.”   Max

THE STORY … Prince Englebert, the handsomest prince in the universe, is rude to an old lady. Little does he know she’s a witch, and to teach him a lesson she turns him into a frog. When the nasty Petunia kicks Princess Matilda’s special golden rugby ball into Froggy’s pond, Matilda promises she’ll take him to live with her in the palace if he’ll get the ball back. Of course she runs home with it and leaves Froggy hopping mad … and madly hopping after her!

What happens when he gets to the palace, meets King Tobias the Terrible and becomes Matilda’s rugby trainer?

All will be revealed in the fifty minutes of fun and frolics that is THE FROG PRINCE.

Fortune Theatre
June 29th – July 10th
Bookings: 03 477 83 23 or
Showtimes: 10.30am, 1.30pm daily – no performances Sunday
For more information contact 03 477 1695 

Featuring Nayda Shaw Bennett, Patrick Davies, Mark Neilson 

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