The Full Monty

Repertory Theatre, Christchurch

03/11/2007 - 10/11/2007

Production Details

Based on the popular motion picture book by Terrence McNally
Music and lyrics by David Yazbek.
Directed by John Hudson
Musical direction: Luke di Somma
Choreography: Glen Harris


Showbiz Christchurch present the Broadway musical adaptation of the award winning film, The Full Monty.

The 1997 film stormed the box office, receiving The Evening Standard Award for Best Film. The faithful stage adaptation won the same award in 2001 for Best Musical. It garnered ten nominations for the 2001 Broadway Tony Awards.

The heart-warming storyline embraces themes of being over-weight, child custody battles, bigotry, and the love of a good woman when the chips are down. Enhanced by sharp and witty lyrics, supported by punchy music, The Full Monty is a contemporary musical.

It’s been described as “A complete crack-up!”

Bookings are through The Court Theatre , phone 03 963 0870 or visit the website:
Cost: $25 – $40 plus booking fee

Jerry Lukowski - Shaun Edwards-Brown
Nathan Lukowski - Alby Roberts
Pam Lukowski - Vanessa Wells
Buddy (Keno) Walsh - Martin Ashby
Reg Willoughby - Andrew Judkins
Marty - Will Alexander
Dave Bukatinsky - Nic Eason  
Georgie Bukatinsky - Rebecca Browning
Harold Nichols - Ian Lester
Vicki Nichols - Anne-Marie Cotton
Malcolm MacGregor - Stuart Penno
Ethan Girard - Darryn (D') Woods
Noah (Horse) Simmons - Lawrence Seinafo
Teddy Slaughter - Laurence Wiseman
Jeanette Burmeister - Kura Geere-Watson
Estelle Genovese - Hannah Hamilton
Susan Hershey - Jemma O'Connor
Joanie Lish - Chris Finnie
Dolores - Jo Owsley

Other roles played by members of the company

Bryan Aitken - Production Manager 
Di Brodie - Clothing Designer 
Catherina Hengst - Properties Manager
Gregg Lovatt - Stage Manager
Harold Moot - Set Designer / Scenic Artist 
Brian E Rick - Lighting Designer 
Glen Ruske - Sound Designer 


It's a Woman's World
Big-Ass Rock
Life With Harold
Big Black ManYou Rule My World
Jordan's Ball


Jeanette's Showbiz Number
Breeze off the River
The Goods
You Walk With Me

Theatre , Musical ,

2 hrs 40 mins, incl. interval

The American musical of the English film that is not unlike the NZ stage show

Review by Lindsay Clark 10th Nov 2007

Good stories lend themselves to reinvention. A Kiwi springboard from a similar idea gave us Ladies Night. With the effervescent American musical version of this buddy yarn, the raw grittiness of the English film is transcended by all the things a musical can do best, into a different beast altogether. Here are in yer face colour, light and upbeat musical numbers coupled with inventive choreography and real live flesh.

At the heart of good stories of course are the human values and concerns which make them successful in the first place. John Hudson plays up the sexy humour and twiddles with the heartstrings at every turn, as what is basically a very simple story detours  into sentimental territory. Six desperate and unemployed fellas gradually formulate a strip show, rehearse it and perform to a wildly enthusiastic audience.

On the way to being resolute and baring their all, the blokes tangle and untangle relationships as well as providing very funny moments and a scattering of tender ones.


Showbiz Christchurch has pulled out all the stops for this  production and the theatre fairly rocks when the big numbers unthrottle. Energy rules. Harold Moot’s set glides in or down, the stage lights swing colour all over and the cast maintains  a reckless pace, driving on to that teasing moment when the daks are down.

Luke di Somma in the pit is in assured control, keeping the momentum well fuelled. 

There is a strong line up to receive the enthusiastic applause at the curtain call. Shaun Edwards-Brown as Jerry Lukowski, at the centre of things, earned every moment of it. Rebecca Browning brought a vivid stage and vocal presence to the role of Georgie Bukatinsky and Kura Geere-Watson as rehearsal pianist Jeanette Burmeister is a knockout.

‘Loosen up ,’ is the catch cry as the evening unzips. All that lively colour and music ensure that the audience does just that. 


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