The Glitta Supernova Experience: Lets get METAphysical

Fringe Bar, 26-32 Allen St, Te Aro, Wellington

26/02/2016 - 05/03/2016

Dunedin Fringe Festival Club, 20 Princes St, Dunedin

12/03/2016 - 13/03/2016

Basement Theatre, Lower Greys Ave, Auckland

22/03/2016 - 26/03/2016

NZ Fringe Festival 2016 [reviewing supported by WCC]

Dunedin Fringe 2016

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“Not Lady-Gaga-bizarre, real bizarre, the kind of shit that takes true balls. Larger than life, apocalyptic sexual bravery, crashing-train-&-plane level stuff” Amanda Palmer” 

Camp humor and sexual satire in a cosmic and lewd porno parody that’s strictly adults only.

Australian under culture Royalty takes to the stage as the Fairy Godmother of Bent Burlesque Glitta Supernova & her fabulously demented one woman show collide into Wellington with a deliciously (im)moral autobiographical tale of a small town hippy girl lured into the hedonist post-punk nirvana of late 80’s Sydney.

From the sanctity of a coastal upbringing with nudist mother & hippy father, Glitta Supernova self described sex clown has spent the better part of 20 years attempting to break free of the pecking order & the results speak for themselves, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.

“Within weeks of arriving to the big smoke as a teen seeking freedom, I had transitioned into the unlikely role of Kings Cross stripper.”

One of the countries key underground culture makers, Glitta have been creating and producing shows for over 20 years. “A catalyst for pushing burlesque art into the most interesting direction” Glitta Supernova was one half of the infamous Cult club Gurlesque which ironically holds the title of Australia’s 1st Burlesque Club (1998 – 2010). 

”Flying high on the comet tail of the 2014 Adelaide Fringe festival “special commendation” winner, Perth fringe world Performance award 2nd runner up (2013/2014) and the 2015 Best Cabaret nomination comes The Glitta Supernova Experience: Let’s get METAphysical 

Lewd, Crude & Bloody rude! This twisted, cockeyed screwball sex comedy is an autobiographical ride of hilarious chaos proving truth really is stranger than fiction. 

Think “The Mighty Boosh” mashed with “Benny Hill” on the set of Deep Throat with “The Young ones” narrating in lotus position. 

B-grade, bad taste and retro porn are revived in a multimedia and live performance action packed avalanche where (absolutely) nothing is sacred. 

Character driven skits and dream sequences from Miss Piggies foray into Porn and a dance of the bed death to “She hulk” and her struggle with her beast within… Malfunctioning female robots and Smurfette coming out as the only smurfbian in the village this is a psychedelic cocktail unlike anything you have ever seen before.

Fast, sharp, multilayered storytelling at its best. The revolution will not be live streamed, product placed or even podcast because nobody wants to see a camel toe… 

One woman – Multiple personalities – Limitless possibilities – Adult only entertainment 

“Like a manifestation of Kali-Ma herself, she conducts her performance like a puja with the desire of destroying ignorance, mediocrity, conservatism…dear Middle of the Road Adelaide…this Goddess has you in her sights and will crush you between her thighs. This may be a promise, or a threat – take it as you will. Jonathan Carfax,” 

Fringe Bar
Fri 26 Feb – Wed 3 Mar, 7.00pm
Thurs 3 – Sat 5 Mar, 10.00pm
Price: Full: $25.00
Concession/Student: $20.00
Group 6+: $20.00
Fringe Addict: $20.00
Duration: 60 MINS
Genre: Theatre, Cabaret, Comedy 
Rating: 18+ 
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Dunedin Fringe Festival Club, 20 Princes St, Dunedin
Fri 11 Mar – Sat 12 Mar 2016
$18.00 – $20.00
Nudity, Adult Themes. 
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All that Glittas is definitely not Gold

Review by Sharu Delilkan 24th Mar 2016

“WTF was that?” was the simultaneous reaction from my theatre buddy and I as soon as the lights came on.

As someone who’s seen a heap of burlesque cabaret theatre over the years I can tell you that I’m no prude in any shape or form.

However Glitta Supernova strutting her ‘stuff’ on stage from the get-go was not only outright tasteless and vulgar – it fell far below the standard of what is expected from an international show. [More]


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val smith March 24th, 2016

Far out, everything I read from Theatrescenes is of a really low standard eh. This review is utterly misguided as anyone with a half functioning informed gaze would instantly recognise the talent and intelligence of this artist, as a performer and innovator within their genre. The production is thoughtful, not-cliche, feminist-friendly, and extremely hilarious. One of many utterly brilliant pieces of the show being Miss Piggy's money shot with the pot plant - GENIOUS! Are opinions on this show divided between love it or hate it? I feel confused as to how anyone could call this show tasteless and vulgar?? That to me is WTF. Love you smurfette xxx

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Glitta Supernova will take your sense of propriety and flash her vulva at it

Review by Kimberley Buchan 12th Mar 2016

The Glitta Supernova Experience: Lets get METAphysical is a spectacular explosion of outrageous costumes, feminism, striptease, parodies of pop culture and porn, and obviously, glitter. It’s like a drag show meets the Vagina Monologues.

Glitta Supernova goes through many incarnations in this show. We start, as all of us do, with the vagina. She has, hands down, the best vagina costume I have ever seen. It has layers. And frills. And sequins. And a lovely little velvet hood.

50s polka dots come next, green sparkly underwear, librarian skirt and blouse, highlighter eighties spandex, a glow in the dark outfit, finishing with a trashy beauty queen dress and sash. Not to forget the side splittingly funny steak g-string.

In between all of these costumes (and more) there is a copious amount of only glitter and tattoo wearing. It is also interesting that while much more of Glitta Supernova was on display than many people bargain for her, make-up and wigs prevent the audience’s gaze from owning all of her.

The costumes represent our journey through a mishmash of experiences and impressions that make up the path of Glitta Supernova’s life so far.

Glitta Supernova describes herself as a sex clown. This is the most apt label you could stick on this show. The image of her stripping with a gigantic Hulk memorabilia fist is not one that will fade quickly. In fact all of her dances are belly-wobblingly hilarious. This is the show you bring your boorish friend who claims that women are genetically unfunny to. At the very least they will like the cameo appearances from Smurfette and Miss Piggy.

Her comfort in her own skin allows for some fantastic physical comedy. There are many knowing giggles from the female members of the audience and some startled laughs from the males as Glitta Supernova lets everything hang out that we are all trained to hide. This is valuable scrutiny of the set of values that have put us all in this situation.  

Glitta Supernova will take your sense of propriety and flash her vulva at it. Her massive energy fills the stage and her additional charm makes the audience adore her. A lot of shame is levelled at women. Glitta Supernova will stare anyone who dares to have this kind of attitude around her right in the eye and wobble an older-than-the-media-prefers piece of flesh at you. It is quite challenging to judge someone who quite clearly does not care in the slightest about what you think.

There are a few transitional glitches, either because the tech crew is just being trained up tonight, or they are just so entranced by the performance that they kept missing their cues. If you would like to come to a show that captivates the techies so much that they forget they are running the show temporarily, then The Glitta Supernova Experience is on for just one more night. It is quite an experience.


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Authentically and unapologetically adult

Review by Maryanne Cathro 27th Feb 2016

The clue is in the name: Glitta Supernova. This performer has all the energy and sparkly light of a celestial event!  

Glitta has a chronic condition called HN: Hereditary Nudism. She does spend a fair amount of this show in the nude, which seems fairly natural after the initial moment of surprise, and she does sport some impressive body ink.   

This show is part autobiography, part commentary and satire on the sex industry. It’s definitely physical – Glitta is not one for standing still – and there’s plenty of meta as well.   

The child of typical Byron Bay hippie nudist parents, Glitta spent her youth mortified by her mother doing nude yoga on the front porch, and couldn’t wait to get to Sydney. There, she made a snap decision to take a job at a strip club where she worked for a decade. Which goes to show that our formative years have a stronger influence on our values than we always care to admit!

Not covered in the narrative of the evening is the next chapter of her life as co-founder of Gurlesque, an inclusive burlesque club that has been a foundation for the growth and direction of Burlesque in Australia and New Zealand.   

The hour unfolds through a series of character pieces, interspersed with stories of her life, often told while changing costume and re-enacting events at the same time. More complex changes off stage are covered by projections to a back screen. These are just as much a part of the action as the live stuff.

Two stand-out mime movies are porn parodies of Miss Piggy, being directed by a misogynist sock Kermit to do more and more ridiculous moves, and Smurfette bemoaning being the only girl in the clan while stripping for leering blue Smurfs.

This show is unapologetically adult, not through being sultry – but by being authentic. The nudity on stage is more than skin deep. And therefore it is the ultimate feminist statement. Most of the satire is aimed at the patriarchal view of women’s sexuality as something to exploit for power and money. Glitta demonstrates in a highly entertaining way what it is to have total autonomy over one’s own body and sexuality. 

As a member of the cabaret and burlesque performers community in Wellington, I have seen a lot. This show busts through even my unconscious parameters, and I embrace it with all the enthusiasm of Kirsty Allsop attacking an internal wall with a sledge hammer. Open up that living space, let the light in!  

While on at 7pm this week, which seems a little early for such a show, it’s a great chance to see it and not have to stay up late. Next week it will be on at the more predictable 10pm. So there’s something to suit everyone. That’s my way of saying, get in there and get the Glitta Supernova Experience!


val smith March 24th, 2016

YES! it blew my mind too, thoroughly impressive show.

confused pedant March 2nd, 2016

I'm curious to understand just how it literally blew your mind?  Were they blowing in your ear, or chugging Thc through the air conditioning, or...?

Sarah hannan February 28th, 2016

This show has quite literally blown my mind. I was lucky enough to catch Glitta in NYC in 2015 performing to a hungry crowd and could not believe she was from AUS, I never imagined she would grace our NZ shores, please go see this show - this is a performance artist  who will never been imitated and guarenteed to live on longer than our life spans.

Simply incredible, real, smart and FUNNNNY!!!

Sarah & Jonah

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