The Kids Show (2013)

Q Theatre, Rangatira, Auckland

13/10/2013 - 13/10/2013

TEMPO Dance Festival 2013

Production Details

The Kids Show 2013 

Dance for kids, by kids!  Featuring ballet, contemporary, tap, jazz, circus, hip hop and more.  Great family entertainment!

The Dance Studio‘s BoyzDance Junior is Puttin’ on the Ritz with a jazzy number choreographed by Richie Cesan.  Hip hop crewSwagganauts show off their skillz with a fierce routine choreographed by World Hip Hop Champs Silver Medalists IDENTITY.  And, there will be some fun in the sun with a “Beach Bonanza” by the girls jazz group.

18 young dancers from the Diocesan School for Girls will be performing “Glam,” a fun jazz piece based around the idea of walking down the catwalk.  Michelle Lucca School of Dancecelebrates the joy of dinosaurs (ROAR!), direct from the school’s own 10th anniversary show. 

Tempo would like to welcome performers from the Carter Chan Dance Centre, joining us for the first time as part of The Kids Show!  They’ve got a high-energy Western-themed jazz number that will get everyone tapping their feet. Mt Eden Ballet Academy return to Tempo with a group work inspired by the French Madeline stories and a duet from Tchaivoksky’s Nutcracker ballet.  Pointy Puppies (the Pointy Dog junior contemporary company) have fun with Dr. Seuss’ classic children’s book Oh! The Places You’ll Go! Pacific Dance NZ’s Pacific Kids group bring a taste of the Islands to The Kids Show with a selection of dances from Samoa, The Cook Islands and Tahiti. Tempo is thrilled to bring back HighJinx Aerial Arts Youth Company as special guests to The Kids Show with their own distinct flavour of circus-dance.


Choreographed by Carlene Newall, Eve Gordon and HighJinx

Company HighJinx Aerial Arts Youth Company

Performed by Victoria Court, Sophia Nouchi, Sarah Letford, Maisie Lewis,

Rachel McClennan, Quinn Vale & Ella Edward

Music      Grace Kelly by Mika


Choreographed by Kylie Norris

Company Norris Studios

Performed by Fedora Cox

Music      Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious from Mary Poppins


Choreographed by Richie Cesan

Company BoyzDance Junior

Performed by Dylan Hopkins, Chay Reid, Jovi Ngo, William Tuarae, Faolan Okan,Remy Sutton

Music      Puttin’ on the Ritz by Rufus Wainwright


Choreographed by Heather Palmer

Company MEBA (Mt Eden Ballet Academy)

Performed by Stella Byers, Ruby Ryburn, Krysten Roberts, Alice McArthur, Cleo Foster, Kate Lin, Sienna Kulatunga, Phoebe Kyoto-Ward, Ophelia Grimshaw-Jones, Larissa Kyoto-Ward, Alice Shirreffs, Gloria Lee, Tea Armer, Ava Eie, Finn Roberts

Music      ‘I’m Madeline’ by Joe Raposo & Judy Rothman,  Instrumental ‘Sous les Ponts de Paris’ 


Choreographed by Filoi Vailaau, Elizabeth Henry, Sopi Jensen & Amo Ieriko (Pacific dance tutors)

Company Pacific Dance New Zealand

Performed by Bethany Fletcher, Lakiesha Afele, Mia Jones, Nadia-Rosa Enari, Kara-Lynne Enari, Ana-Rachel Enari, Yasmin Skelton, Te Aute Kerrison, Ata Marie Kerrison, Isabella Taouma, Kayla-Rose White, Elena Wulf, Emma Ngau, Juanita Payne-Lupe, Selena Payne-Lupe, Francesca Pome’e, Caroline Pome’e, Te Rina Ripi, Mapa Payne-Lupe, Micah Papali’I, Niko Levy, Te Rino Ngawhika, Tana Ngawhika, Anetelea Barron-Afeaki, Glory Manukia, Davis Peni, Kingston Ballantyne

Music      Pate Pate by Te Vaka


Choreographed by Dani Miller

Company Diocesan School for Girls

Performed by Amelia-Jessica Lockley, Brooke Elliot-Forster-Clampitt, Clover Andrews, Lauren Batchelor, Natasha Levene, Samantha Lusk, Tyger Craggs, Arabella White, Hannah Yates, Lucy Fisher, Amelia Irwin, Sarah Young, Sophia Sharp, Yasmin Sadhu, Luca Andrews, Nancy-Jie Yin, Jessica Hunter, Olivia Price.

Music      Glam by Christina Aguilera.


Choreographed by Jessie McCall & Julie van Renen with Pointy Puppies

Company Pointy Puppies

Performed by Niamh Cullen, Olive Keely, Emma Kemp, Kaitlyn Connell-Rowe, Jayden Ashleigh Arapoiti, Elsie Prins, Mahalia Prins, Jasper Putt.

Music      Keep the Car Running- Arcade Fire


Performed by Maddie Gray

Company The Dance Studio

Music      Paradise by Coldplay


Choreographed by Samantha French

Company Michelle Lucca School of Dance

Performed by Sofia Zigliani, Bella Houghton, Arya Chunilal, Mia Keating, Jacob Howarth, Hannah Curran

Music      The Dinosaur Song by The Big Green Rabbit 


Adapted from the original by Heather Palmer

Company MEBA (Mt Eden Ballet Academy)

Performed by Larissa Kyoto-Ward and Alice Shirreffs

Music      Mirlitons – The Nutcracker byTchaikovsky


Choreographed by Kylie Norris

Company Norris Studios

Performed by Briarna North, Emmerson Rowe, Lola Keenan, Jaqueline Masamba-Hunter, Skye Pethybridge, Isabella Hope-Murray, Brooke Andrews, Teagan Curtis, Rylee Lister, Paige Ardern, Briar Ardern, Fedora Cox, Maddison Dixon, Eeva Running, Millie Rowe, Grace Keenan, Sophia Keenan

Music      Under the Sea by A-Teens


Choreographed by Joshua Cesan, Nathan Kara and Chevy Mikaere

Company The Dance Studio

Performed by Maddie Gray, Georgia Lindsay, Faolan Okan, Joshua Busch, Aleisha Arrowsmith, William Tuarae, Adriano Orlando, Maddy Bensch, Henk Tompkins, Jessica Hopkins, Eva Williams, Isabella Barnes, Cameron Middleton, Paris Pleydell

Music      Wild for The Night by Skrillex, B-Boy Massacre by Blitz The Ambassador ,Clap Your Hands Together by Funky Bureau, Centipede by Knife Party


Choreographed by Brigid Carter-Chan

Company Carter-Chan Dance Centre

Performed by  Shania Carter-Chan, Isabella Chen, Lilian Dobson, Isabella Dobson, Chloe Rasmussen, Emily Wong, Anna Talbot, Alexi Lambly, Bronte Maud, Odette Roberson, Paris Stephens, Brooke Walker, Madeleine Waller, Claudia Little

Music      Cotton Eye Joe by Rednex, 5 6 7 8 by Steps

Dance ,

1 hour

Well done, Kids!

Review by Christina Houghton 14th Oct 2013

The Kids Show is fast becoming an annual event for which to see the wide range of young dance talent, exhibiting some of the great work of choreographers and dance schools in the community that inspire kids to become part of the world of dance though it’s diverse forms.

Considering what an amazing feat it would be to first curate a mixed bill show such as this and then technically create a smooth running affair, I was really impressed with the overall experience. My six-year-old companion was awed by the dancing and costumes and noticed many of the theatrical devices at play such as costumes, lighting and whether the dancers were girls or boys, thus highlighting some of the important issues around providing opportunities for kids to learn dance.

The strong points of the show were those works that revealed positive associations for young ones learning dance, and those that showed an inclusive approach which allowed for all on stage to shine.  It was also great to see those who have already at such a young age gained so much talent, thus creating an interesting reflection of what might be the next generation of dance artists.

An extravaganza of thirteen individual performances with performers ranging from Tots -Teens makes it impossible to mention all individuals as I respond below. Therefore I mention each work in order of group appearance.

I Wanna Talk to You by Carlene Newall, Eve Gordon and Hijinx was a really cleverly put together stage piece of circus ribbon trapeze performed by five amazing young women. Combined with theatre and dance, this piece created an interesting choreography of flying and constructing scenes, including balancing a fishbowl.  Sassy and cute with spectacular circus tricks.

Supercalifragilisticexpialadocious by Kylie Norris from Norris Studios. A sweet nod to Mary Poppins performed by the exuberant Fedora Cox with a natural talent for performing character beyond her age.

Puttin’ on the Ritz by Richie Cesan for Boyz Dance Junior. Bringing it for the boyz, the performers in this hip jazz piece, dressed in suits, show a lovely uplifting performance to Rufus Wainwright’s version of the 80’s hit song. This piece showed that boys of today have suave moves.

Madeline by Heather Palmer for Mt Eden Ballet Academy. A beautiful ballet piece based on the story by some outstanding performers between 6-10 years of age. Great story-telling and lovely technique. We loved the pinafores.

Pacific Dance Kids Show by Filoi Vailaau, Elizabeth Henry, Sopi Jensen & Amo Leriko. A fun fusion/medley of Tongan, Samoan and Hawaiian dance with great humour and cute little ones. Well done to the older members of this group who guided the younger ones. What an awesome job.

Glam by Dani Miller for Diocesan School for Girls. A showy piece based on the glamour of the cat walk to music by Christina Aguilera performed by some very savvy young ladies that were working it well beyond their years. Obviously influenced by the music videos of today, this work tread a fine line between this being a ‘kids show’ and mimicking of provocative media images.

Oh the Places You’ll Go! By Jesse McCall and Julie Van Renen and the dancers for Pointy Puppies. A fun choreography around a suitcase to music by Arcade Fire. A difficult piece of music to dance to but the performers brought it to the show with a chaotic fire that sparked here and there, which was delightful.

Paradise. The Dance Studio. A spectacular contemporary solo performed by Maddie Gray to Cold Play ‘Paradise’. She danced with a lovely expression and emotion that met the song head on. Great to watch.

Oh the Dinosaurs by Samantha French for Michelle Luca School of Dance. This one was adorable as the Dinosaurs came out to play in a really well choreographed Jazz theatrical number to the savvy “Dinosaur Song’ by the Big Green Rabbit. The thematic connection between the dance and the music was awesome and the performers super cool.

Mirlitons. Mt Eden Ballet Academy adapted from Heather Palmer’s original. A Lovely ballet duet by two very accomplished ballerinas in full tutus to the music from the Nutcracker Ballet. Amazing to see ballet in its full glory by two very talented dancers.

Under the Sea. Norris Studios. This piece was up there in spectacle with fantastic costumes from some secret magical costume store? Ranging from the Octopus to the Mermaid and circus flips galore.  The little fish bud darlings darting in and out of the bigger kids were delightful. A lot of work had gone in to this piece.

Swagganauts by Joshua Cesan, Nathan Kara, and Chevy Mikare for The Dance Studio. We see some of the boys return with the girls for a hard out hip-hop gangsta extravaganza with a touch of funk and groove. Lots of fun and high energy and the dancers brought a massive amount of energy to the mix. One for the teens.

Western Jazz by Bridget Carter-Chan, Carter-Chan Dance Centre. What would a variety show be with out the Cow-Girls. A sassy ho-down with loads of foot work and a huge number of performers  ranging from 6-11 years of age. All performers knew their place and timing creating a great hand-clapping piece for the end of a brilliant event.

Apart from impressing the friends and family who filled the majority of the seats I would say this show was really well put together as a whole event. It took the audience through a journey of many diverse styles of dance and brought it together as spectacular entertainment. The young performers really met this large theatre opportunity with loads of enthusiasm, technique and charisma performing two shows in one afternoon. Well done Kids! 


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