THE LISTIES 6D (it’s twice as good as 3D)

Herald Theatre, Aotea Centre, Auckland

30/09/2014 - 04/10/2014

Production Details

Rated S for Stupid! 

Tuesday 30 September – Saturday 4 October 2014
Live at Herald Theatre, Aotea Centre

“It’s likeLittle Britainfor littlies. Grab one and go.” The Age

Multi-award winning Australian comedy geniuses, The Listies, have a brand new show just for kids and it’s all about the movies – The Listies 6D (it’s twice as good as 3D)

Imagine the best movie you’ve ever seen. Now, times it by a million then add 1. That’s how good The Listies 6D movie is going to be. Behind the scenes and in front of the camera, you never know which Hollywood star you are going to meet and which of your favourite movies is up for a Listies do-over. 

“We can’t wait to come and make our 6D movie with Aucklanderz.”  Say Matt and Rich  “NZ is full of film experts so ours will be better than ever. Together we could make the World’s first 9D movie (3 times as good as 3D) or 81D (27 times as good) or even better A GUZILLION-D!  Come along and join the fun.  Hope to see everyone there.”

The Listies are raucous, rude and very, very funny. If the kids are looking for fairies or clowns, then these performers are probably not for them, but if they want to meet a ninja Nana, ward off an alien attack or just ROFLSHABOWLO (Roll On The Floor Laughing So Hard A Little Bit Of Wee Comes Out) then The Listies are the guys for the job.

“Nobody else does comedy for kids this brilliantly, but what’s more astounding is that adults have just as much fun. The Listies occupy a dimension all of their own.”Sydney Morning Herald 

Their 2012 debut Auckland show The Listies Do Compooters saw children howling with laughter and we expect even more chaos when The Listies 6D (it’s twice as good as 3D) takes over the Herald Theatre, Aotea Centre these October School Holidays.

 “We are so excited to have The Listies back in Auckland” says Melanie Smith, Deputy Director and Head of Programming at Auckland Live “They brought the house down with their absurdity, they are masters of kid’s comedy”

Written and performed by Richard Higgins and Matt Kelly, The Listies 6D (it’s twice as good as 3D) won Best Production for Children at the Sydney Theatre Awards 2013.

“The Listies compile lists. And, as the theme of the show is The Movies, the littlies are invited to name their favourite movies. Every little hand goes up.”Herald Sun

The Listies 6D (it’s twice as good as 3D)

Venue: Herald Theatre, Aotea Centre
Dates: Tuesday 30 September – Saturday 4 October (11am), Thursday 2 – Saturday 4 October (11am & 2pm)  
Tickets   $15, groups of 4+ $12, service fees apply 
Book Now: or phone 0800 111 999
Suitable for children aged 6 – 12 years old  
Duration: 50 minutes of craziness
Watch the trailer for The Listies 6D (it’s twice as good as 3D) here  

The Listies 

Matt Kelly and Richard Higgins (aka The Listies) are veterans of children’s theatre. They cut their performance teeth at the legendary RMIT Union Arts in such shows as The Day My Bum Went Psycho, Just Disgusting (by Andy Griffiths), and The Twits (by Roald Dahl).

Individually Matt and Rich have performed for kids all over Australia including Perth (Circus Soup), Adelaide (Kids Comedy Gala at Spiegeltent), Canberra (Questacon) and all over regional Victoria, NSW, QLD and ACT (Jigsaw Theatre Company and The Great Big Storybook).

Since performing their debut children’s show in September 2009 The Listies have quickly become one of the most sought after children’s performers in Australia. Receiving widespread critical acclaim across Australia, South East Asia, New Zealand and Edinburgh The Listies are changing the face of children’s entertainment.

Matt and Richard devised and first performed in The List Operators for Kids – More Fun Than a Wii in September 2009. In the following twelve months it received a prestigious Barry Nomination for Best Show at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival (the only children’s show to ever be nominated in the history of the festival), played to thousands of children in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra and Sydney, and received multiple 5 star reviews at the Edinburgh Fringe

In 2011 the company debuted their second show List Operators for Kids do Compooters at the Melbourne Comedy Festival, followed by tours to Edinburgh, Malaysia, and Western Australia. From September 2012 they performed a 108 show tour across NZ and Australia, including a return season at the prestigious Sydney Arts Festival.  



Review by Kate Ward-Smythe 30th Sep 2014

With my 70+ father on one side and my 10 year old daughter on the other, I carefully navigate a path to our seats through a mass of mostly 5 to 8 year olds, hoping Australian comedy duo-for-kids, The Listies’ brand of funnies is the kind that will transcend three generations, as well as snap my daughter out of her grump.

Their show surpasses expectation on all levels and inspires just a many LOLs, ROFLs and ROTFLSHALBOWCOs* from Dad as it does from Daughter.

And for the mother in the middle: these guys had me even before the show starts: any pre show soundtrack that includes Ghostbusters, Whip It, Jungle Boogie, Funky Town and the theme from Austin Powers; is all right by me.

I love their not-so-subtle digs at the device-addicted generation and bad pronunciation, as well as local references from both sides of the Tasman, with Dotcom and Tasmania coming in for equal amounts of ridicule. My personal favourite is the Blue-Ray gag – a ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ moment for fans of Ray Romano.

Like all trailblazing comedy duos, there’s the wacky unpredictable one, and the relatively ‘straight guy’. The Listies interface is the perfect variation on the theme: Mad-cap naughty Matt (Kelly) bounces around the place to the delight of the kids, while sensible Rich (Higgins) keeps the show on track. It’s all very Scooby-Doo meets Lano & Woodley.

The sum of the parts totally deserves the multitude of awards on the mantelpiece: the show is a hugely entertaining well-paced wild romp: messy at times, with a few farts jokes here and there, plus a whole lotta hilarity and originality.

With an aid of a smoke machine and some fabulous musical stings, these two can create humour from anything, such as movie ratings, movie pitching, a backpack, a manky old sheet, spew, blowers and loo rolls. 

Audience interaction can be awkward. Not so for these masters of comedy for all ages, as we gleefully participate in Nana’s wild car ride on Earth and in space, before fully committing to an alien attack.  

Daughter, defying her recently self-proclaimed status as a growing girl too cool for silly kiddie stuff, skips to the car chanting she’s going to ‘out’ Dad’s wife as a ‘Ninja Nana’.

On the way home it’s revealed that while I was otherwise occupied after the show, she persuaded her grandfather to purchase The Listies CD, which is put on straight away. So much better than what played on the radio when we drove down (Nicki Minaj’s snake-in-the-grass, not-for-kids audio assault).

The best endorsement I can give these fantastic mind-expanding joyful Aussie lads is this: Daughter was On Demand watching paint dry (AKA “The Block”) when I dragged her away from her computer for this show. Post-show, full of inspiration, she is creating a ‘Bunny Mansion’ outside, made out of cardboard, sticks, Puka leaves and most of my stationary supplies, for her rabbit, Dave. No doubt this will be filmed from every angle before the sun sets.  

If you’ve got young kids, this show is a must see. If you’re childless, stuff it – unleash the child within and go anyway.  

*I’m not going to tell you what these stand for, as I know you’re going to Google these guys and book tickets, so I don’t want to spoil the surprise. 


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