ONEONESIX - 116 Bank Street, Whangarei

10/10/2022 - 11/10/2022

Whangārei Fringe 2022

Production Details

Devised by Company of Giants
Directed by Laurel Devenie

Grab a blanket, make a friend, light the lights, find the crown, face the end! Join a mad, wild, lonely, happy, sad bunch of clown monsters on a quest to save the forest and the sky. They will need your help!

A theatrical experience with Company of Giants and Soju Shots.


ONEONESIX Bank Street Whangarei
10 October 2022
5pm and 7 pm
11 October 2022
1pm, 5pm and 7pm
$15, $20

Directed By Laurel Devenie
Created by Lutz Hamm, Thomas Gowing, Tomasin Fisher-Johnson, Georgia-May Russ, Hayley Douglas, Finn Gilbert Keene, Zara Skuse, Dylan Taylor, Scott Wynne and Evan Heasman

Children’s , Puppetry , Youth , Theatre ,

1 hour


Review by Alice Fairley 10th Oct 2022

Come down from the mountain and visit the forest where all manner of quirky creatures reside. It is a place of mystery and wonder, a place where beautiful puppets explore their world and tell us the story of the seasons. Sit in the front row to receive a sniff or a hug from a curious critter—though you might want to hide your chippies!

The Living Forest is imaginative, fun and a little bit magic. It is a tale told in darkness, with clever use of torchlight to illuminate the forest and its inhabitants. We witness the changing of the seasons, from the spring blossoms to huge floods to a raging forest fire. Props, sounds and lights are used to great effect to create a sense of what it is like to be in the middle of these weather events. Between the rain and the fire the puppets venture out, chatting with the audience, foraging for food and seeking connection.

There isn’t much plot here, but there are connecting threads that weave throughout the play: a grandfatherly bear, a mysterious light, an alluring crown and a self-absorbed lamb. For the kids there is a gentle environmental message—nothing too frightening or upsetting. For the older members of the audience the play also touches on ideas about power, greed and materialism. The sweet lamb has a dark side!

The puppets inspired by the work of Soju Shots (Evan Heasman) are delightful. Add the actors’ cute and humorous voice acting and the practised motions of the puppeteers and they seem practically alive. The cast of characters is utterly loveable—even the naughty possums.

Some children may find the dark theatre and the eerie atmosphere scary, so bear that in mind if you are bringing little ones along.


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