Christchurch Arts Centre - The Backstage Social Club, Christchurch

09/02/2020 - 16/02/2020

World Buskers Festival 2020 | BREAD & CIRCUS

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Your mind will burst as this Guinness World Record holder shows you the unimaginable.  

More than 2,500,000 audience members in over 20 countries have been left astounded by this show that defies belief.

Join Javier Urbina, THE LORD OF THE BUBBLES as he displays skills never seen before in Christchurch: soap bubbles based on impossible balances; vertical, horizontal and floating constructions within an atmosphere full of mystery that envelops the audience from the first minute.

A bubble show without words (or just a few!) this show is completely unique and enthralling entertainment for the whole family.


The Backstage Social Club – The Arts Centre
9 – 16 Feb 2020
Tickets from $35
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Theatre , Spectacle , Family ,

1 hr

Colourful, shimmering enchantment

Review by Tony Ryan 10th Feb 2020

Winner of multiple awards, including making it into the Guinness Book of Records for ‘The Longest Bubble Chain’, this show is fifty minutes of sheer charm – not to mention the increasingly astonishing chain of other barely believable feats with bubbles.

It’s an exceptional tour-de-force of skill, imagination and spectacle which totally rivets every kid and every adult in this opening Sunday afternoon performance. The three young ‘volunteers’ who assist Javier Urbina with his special brand of magic add even more charm and wonder to the act.

There’s little I can say without spoiler alerts, but bubbles-within-bubbles, large bubbles turned into multiple smaller bubbles, small bubbles combined into larger bubbles, holes in bubbles, smoke in bubbles . . . the wonder goes on and on. And just when we think there’s nothing more that can be done with soapy water – well, there is!

Sometimes, if a bubble pops prematurely, it makes the show even more amazing by proving that the bubbles are not made of anything more robust than the containers of water-based suds from which Urbina conjures his colourful, shimmering enchantment.

The use of colourful lighting and characterful music adds enormously to the magic and spectacle of the show and all I can say is “go see it!”  It’s on every evening at 6.15pm for this final week of the festival, as well as a couple of afternoon shows on the weekend.


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