The Massacre of Glencoe

Meteor Theatre, 1 Victoria Street, Hamilton

22/09/2011 - 29/09/2011

Hamilton Fringe 2011

Production Details

Performers from The Waikato’s Celtic community, with students from a number of local schools including, Hillcrest High School, are delighted to be part of the Hamilton Fringe festival 2011.

We bring you a narrated re-enactment of a tragic event in Scotland’s History, “The Massacre of Glencoe”.

The performance transports the audience to 17th Century life in the Scottish highlands. This true story is of deceit and betrayal and is enriched with traditional Scottish songs, dance and pipes. Added to that is the drama of on stage sword fights and even “snow”. All tied together by a brilliant narrative it is, an event not to miss.

To be staged at The Meteor Theatre.
Entry is by gold coin.
Performance dates: Thursday 22nd September at 10pm; Thursday 29th September at 6.30pm 

Narrator                  Alec Calderwood
Singers                   Noel Armstrong, Wendy Anderson, David McLachlan, Skye Sloper, Tony Dixon, Rosie Kinear, Brendan McLachlan

The McDonalds
Chief: McIan Bisset 
Sons: Creaghie Beere
Matthew Mooney
Piper: Bryan Mitchell
Piper: Gordon Carter           
Chiefs wife: Teresa Julian
With:  Bruce Clark, William Wilkinson, Steve Horne, Callum Grieve, Phill Palmer, Eli Oliver, Bruce Morgan

The Campbells/Red Coats
Capt.Robert Campbell
Owen Mooney
Arno Minnema
Elias Montiel
Jerome Longhurst
William Wilkinson
Callum Grieve

Nanna: Yvonne Wallis
Women: Helen Petchey, Sarah McLachlan Diane Gordon
Maidens: Hannah Mooney, Miriam Mooney, Alexis Walsh, Jessica Wallace
Children: Johnathon Hawthorn, Ryan Wallace,  Rowan McLachlan, Aria McLachlan, Hannah Mooney, Miriam Mooney, King William, William Wilkinson
Master of Stair: Arno Minnema
Judge: Steve Horne

Dancers: Olivia Gordon – Fling, Jessica Wallace – Swords 
Adult dancers         Noel Armstrong, Tony Dixon, Elias Montiel, Phil Palmer, Teresa Julian, Rosie Kinear
Fiddler: Elias Montiel

Pre recorded Dialogue:  Angie Nelson with Ryan Wallace, Miriam Mooney, David McLachlan

Lighting: Paul Purvis
Sound: Jason Crosby
Sound Recording: Matthew Bentley
Equipment Hire: Waikato Sound & Lighting
Props Construction:  David McLachlan, Bruce McLachlan
Costumes:  Bryan Mitchell, Michelle Campian, Ross Patterson
Dressers:  Michelle Campian, Greg McCallum
Program:  Tony Dixon   

Thursdays only

An eerie re-enactment

Review by Melisa Martin 30th Sep 2011

The Hamilton arts culture is continually growing and thriving, with this year’s Fringe Festival being no exception to the rule.

A staging of The Massacre of Glencoe at The Meteor theatre in Hamilton could have been well-ruined and somewhat farcical with grown men prancing about in tartan skirts; however under the careful direction of writer/actor Cecilia Mooney, that was not the case.

The piece is a sombre re-telling of the events surrounding the 1962 murders, and a truthful portrayal of key figures at the time. Narrated gently by Alec Calderwood we journey through the story, carried by the moving voices of a subtle choir, on our way through the unity and good nature, to the betrayal of the MacDonald’s by Owen Mooney’s fearless Captain Campbell and his men. 

The tale begins in late January or early February 1692; approximately 120 men under the command of Captain Robert Campbell are given food, water and a place to take refuge, by the MacDonalds in Glencoe who received them hospitably as per tradition of the Highlands. Little do they expect that they would see the heinous act of “murder under trust” carried out before their eyes. 

A chilling portrayal of the Master of Stair is particularly memorable, as Arno Minnema embodies the smug properties of one who has been asked to assist the King in killing a weary Chief MacDonald, played by McIan Bissett.  

Performed in the round, with the audience in four quarters, entrances and exits are quick and many, which keeps the story moving along, with a lovely finishing touch of ‘snow’ to tie up the eerie re-enactment.

The only patchy spots are a few dodgy lighting calls, but that could easily be put down to little time to rehearse in the space. 
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