The Messy Magic Adventure: KITCHEN CHAOS!

Circa Two, Circa Theatre, 1 Taranaki St, Waterfront, Wellington

17/04/2018 - 22/04/2018

TSB Showplace, New Plymouth

07/07/2020 - 07/07/2020


Production Details

The Messy Magic Adventure is Back!  

Spray and Wipe are back in a brand new show! When magic is accidentally let loose in the kitchen, everything is turned topsy turvy… Now, the audience must help Spray and Wipe bake a cake as their kitchen gets messier and messier! Circus, slapstick and magic combine in this very special adventure. 

Suitable for our friends from last year AND for newcomers to the Messy Magic world. Last year, The Messy Magic Adventure completely sold out both the original season and extra added shows, so do get in quick! Waterproof cover provided for those in the front row…

“Gleeful physical comedy is infectious and the entire audience appears to be having a ball” Theatreview  

Last Year’s Messy Magic show was a sellout success! So get in quick for this brand new magical adventure!

Circa Two
17 – 28 April
April School Holidays
Tues – Sat 11am
$10 – $15
Book Now!

Relaxed Performance

We are pleased to announce that on Sunday 22nd April at 1pm we will be staging a Relaxed Performance of The Messy Magic Adventure: Kitchen Chaos! This is a performance designed with the needs of children and young adults who will benefit from a more relaxed environment including people with an Autism Spectrum condition, sensory and communication disorders or learning difficulties.

Tickets are $10 for children and $15 for adults and carers.

Please contact the Circa Box office to book tickets: 04 801 7992 or email There are limited seats avilable!

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Georgia Latief at 

Arts On Tour NZ 2020


Saturday 4 July 10:00am Upper Hutt
Expressions Whirinaki Arts and Entertainment Centre
$10 Book:

Sunday 5 July 2:00pm Whanganui
Royal Wanganui Opera House    
$11 Book: Venue Box Office or

Monday 6 July 1:00pm Hawera
Hawera Community Centre Hall
$10 Book: South Taranaki i-SITE Visitor Centre

Tuesday 7 July 10:00am & 1:00pm New Plymouth 
TSB Showplace
$10 (service fees apply) Book: Ticketek 

Wednesday 8 July 2:00pm Putaruru 
The Plaza Theatre
Koha, Book:  The Plaza; Eventfinda

Thursday 9 July 6:00pm Opotiki 
Opotiki Senior Citizens Hall 
$10 Adults; $5 Children 

Friday 10 July 1:30pm Whitianga 
Whitianga Town Hall
$5 Adults; $2 Children
Book: Mercury Bay Pharmacy

Monday 13 July 11am & 2:00pm Whangarei 
Riverbank Centre, Reyburn House Lane 
Koha, Book:

Thursday 16 July 2:30pm Takaka 
The Mussel Inn
$5 Children; $10 Adults   
Book: Eventfinda

Saturday 18 July 2:00pm Ashburton 
Ashburton Trust Event Centre     
Open Hat; Register your interest via phone or email

Sunday 19 July 2:00pm Fairlie 
Mackenzie Community Theatre, Main Street 
Adults $10; Under 16 Free, Bookings not necessary

Tuesday 21 July 4.00pm Cromwell 
The Gate Conference Centre, Barry Ave 
Adults $25; Super Gold Card $20; Children $5 

Wednesday 22 July 4:00pm Queenstown 
Arrowtown Athenaeum Hall 
$10 Book: 

Saturday 25 July 2:00pm Oamaru 
Oamaru Opera House 
General $7.50; Family Pass $20 


Arts On Tour NZ (AOTNZ) organises tours of outstanding New Zealand performers to rural and smaller centres in New Zealand. The trust receives funding from Creative New Zealand as well as support from Central Lakes Trust, Community Trust of Southland, Interislander, Otago Community Trust, Rata Foundation and the Southern Trust. AOTNZ liaises with local arts councils, repertory theatres and community groups to bring the best of musical and theatrical talent to country districts. The AOTNZ programme is environmentally sustainable – artists travel to their audiences rather than the reverse. 

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Gleefully played physical slapstick

Review by Holly Shanahan 07th Jul 2020

Disclaimer: I love playful, childish silliness and physical comedy! Even more than that, I love seeing kids in theatres enjoying this kind of fun with adults ‘guiltily’ loving it too (possibly even more than the kids, because face it, secretly we all wish we were children again and didn’t feel apologetic for enjoying silly jokes!).  

Spray and Wipe (Lizzie Tollemache and David Ladderman) are a likeable clowning duo bringing some ‘messy magic’ around NZ with a fun and energetic show – part magic, part slapstick, with a little bit of salt (or not so little salt) thrown in.

The show reminds me of the joyful touring shows I saw in school halls in my youth, with the low-fi set of screens, sheets and tables disguising various props (and of course, food products).

The premise revolves around ‘And Wi’s surprise party. Unfortunately, no one on-or-off stage has any idea who ‘AndWi’ is, or when they are arriving… Spray and Wipe are early for the party, and of course manage to completely trash the place before AndWi even arrives. Eek! There are fun little balloon and streamer tricks (which have my 5 year old daughter marvelling :How did they do that!” while my sister and I pass knowing ‘that’s cute’ looks at each other), and of course, there is the inevitable destruction of the cake. 

To save the day, Spray and Wipe need some help! They ask the audience, “How can we replace the cake, what can we do?” The answers at this particular performance, in order, and verbatim, are “vacuum it”, “call a cow” and “put it on your head”… You can’t write that stuff, it makes me snort with delight! A few of the older kids come to the rescue with the suggestion to make a new one and the inevitable cake-making hilarity ensues.

The show is packed full of all the food and kitchen gags you might expect, with a few clever ones thrown in. The magic tricks are mostly simple, but well-pitched to the audience age group. My particular silly pleasures are the gags about separating the eggs and whipping the butter, the sieve fly and the sneaker juice operation. The final cake mix is also interesting! My daughter loves the ingredients they use.

Sensible ‘Spray’ and childish (zanni-esque) ‘Wipe’ gleefully play through the very physical slapstick choreography with enthusiasm (and chirpy voices). While a few of the routines fall a little flat, most are delivered with gusto, and the kids in the audience, ranging from around 3 – 10 or so, were thoroughly glued to the action on stage.

Wipe does most of the audience interaction, with some well-practiced improv dealing with reluctant adults. I have to say, picking on adults to make fools of themselves early in the show is a clever move – kids love it, as do the (other) parents. One man who is selected to show his ‘party face’, tries to offer up his child instead! Ha, no such luck my friend!

To play the critic, I did feel I wanted more chaos and more mess! They feel too clean at the end, as does the audience. The theatre feels too big for the show, and being separated from the stage takes away from the messy component. I’d prefer this in a hall or a smaller venue, for the audience to feel closer to the action. Also, I don’t know if this is a ‘back in my day’ moment, but why not let people know they can get messy and go for gold! Ditch the plastic protective sheet! The extra tickets you’d sell would surely cover the cleaning bill…?

Regardless of my little nit-picks, I felt really happy walking away, and more importantly, my daughter and 7 year old niece had an awesome time.

A great school holiday outing for your little ones. So well-priced and super fun. Take your kids and enjoy the cheese (and cake)! 


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Riveting, delightful, exciting and highly amusing

Review by John Smythe 18th Apr 2018

Transformed from Rollicking Entertainment’s evening show (Seven Deadly Stunts), Circa Two is almost all set for a party – and so is the audience, eager for the follow-up to last year’s riotous Messy Magic Adventure. A sign at the back proclaims “Surprise And Wi” – and we have yet to discover who And Wi is.

Spray and Wipe (Lizzie Tollemache and David Ladderman) arrive all wrapped up with two ways to go: a clever device for placing a long piece of plastic sheeting in front of the front row, hinting at what is to come. Then they depart – only to return with their invitation to the party.

In the process of completing the preparations, they fulfil the dual promise of their generic title: mess and magic. And being clowns who by their very nature keep messing things up, most of the magic seems to happen in spite of them.

I mean it’s fun to inflate, pop, rip and mangle a balloon, right? But what’s this? The balloons are suddenly whole again! And who knew Spray’s intestines were just waiting to become streamers?

Spray gets bossy when Wipe misbehaves and when the birthday cake goes from being idolised in balletic dance to sat-upon, she declares Wipe’s punishment is to drink Sneaker Juice. Oh the horror as the rancid liquid appears, and the empathy as he suffers each sip – and oh the hilarity when it foments loud burps!

The important thing now is to make a new cake – but how? Fortunately eagle-eyed children have seem the Cook Book, which turns out to have a voice of its own, and a name: Edmond (what else?). Sound and lights operator Amber Molloy plays her parts with impeccable timing.

The clothing, utensils and ingredients required to make the cake afford endless opportunities for comedy, slapstick and more magic. The science of flour-and-water paste even features to make the innocent high-five a trap. And so it all escalates into the actions which ramp up the messiness factor to the extreme that reveals the need for the aforementioned plastic sheet.

Our five and six year-old companions are riveted, delighted, excited and highly amused. We’ll just have to distract them from any desire to play in the kitchen. As for the clean-up job we leave behind as we happily leave the theatre – let’s hope David and Lizzie mean it when they say they love cleaning up as much as making a mess. 


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