Q Theatre Loft, 305 Queen St, Auckland

21/02/2017 - 25/02/2017

Auckland Fringe 2017

Production Details

Blackbird Productions and Auckland Fringe present:


Director: Claire Cowan

From the creative minds behind Blackbird Ensemble, comes a new show that explores our future selves – the selves that now prefer comfort over fashion, velcro over laces, and the long story over the short. These old folks have journeyed far, and have come back to impart their wisdom to you through song.

The Nannas and Poppas are a rogue band of geriatric rockers from the year 2067.

When their retirement village’s mini-van accidentally circled the Panmure roundabout too many times, a rip in the space-time continuum was opened, and it’s elderly occupants were transported 50 years into the past. With this newfound gateway to their youth, the musicians decided to relive their glory days and take to the stage for one last hurrah.

Performing all the hits, with a new take on classics from Celine D, to MJ, to Queen B herself, they’ll be sure to get you doing the Nanna twist in the aisles.




60 minutes

21 – 25 February 2017

Q Theatre – Loft


Content Warnings:

Adult Themes
Strobe & haze

This Event is a:

  • World Premiere

Theatre , Musical ,

1 hour

Light, fringy fun

Review by Heidi North 22nd Feb 2017

In The Nannas and the Poppas four geriatric rockers have come back from the future to impart some wisdom to the people of today through song.  

Directed by Claire Cowan (of the Blackbird Ensemble) and co-written with Emma Eden, these two women are the strongest of the four, which also includes Eamon Edmunson-Wells and Tristan Deck.  

The back-from-the-future gag is a little confusing, but I believe the premise is that if their mission succeeds they will be super famous by the time we get to their future. Really, it’s just an excuse to be able to dress up like rocking geriatrics – and the quartet clearly enjoy it.  

But it’s a hard concept to pull off. The four are clearly talented musicians, but being a caricature of an older person can grate. 

The show has heart. There are some surprisingly poignant moments, and the love song to Helen Clark manages to be both funny and tender.

The message: is be yourself, be loud, gay (if you’d like) and proud. Enjoy it because it’ll be no time at all before you need a bionic hip. 

It’s a Fringe show, and there are some parts that need ironing out. Songs could benefit with being shortened, and the pacing tighter. Overall, The Nannas and the Poppas is light, fringy fun.


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