Fringe Bar, Cnr Cuba & Vivian, Wellington

29/02/2012 - 03/03/2012

NZ Fringe Festival 2012

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Cinema in Decline is pleased to present parenting guru and ‘leading clinical psychologist of his generation’ Alan Legtit in a new parenting seminar which tells confused, embattled parents exactly what to think. “These are the things you need to know in order to live anything like a worthwhile life” says Legtit, a household name and author.

Join the media personality who’s not afraid to stick it to the media for the all-new No Nonsense Parenting Show! His relentless bravery in the face of the politically correct will have you breathing an old-fashioned sigh of thankfulness and relief. Legtit understands that every problem you have is someone else’s fault, and now that the Clark era is behind us,New Zealand and its hard working parents are ready to stand up and be counted.

You see, Alan believes that life is actually a lot easier than we make it out. If you just trust your gut and avoid being sucked in by things like facial piercing and ‘lesbianism’, then you’ll find that parenting, the hardest simple job in the world, is really a breeze. “Listen to me for an hour,” says the rebellious celebrity and brilliant mind, “And you’ll forget you even have kids.”

Alan Legtit is looking forward to bringing some sanity to the New Zealand Fringe Festival, an institution for which he has nothing but contempt. 

Here Are the Facts, Dummy:

What? The No Nonsense Parenting Show (with Alan Legtit) 
What Is It? It’s a comedy show from Jonny Potts, the guy who wrote ‘Skoolnite’ which you probably didn’t see, and David Lawrence, the director of ‘Slouching Toward Bethlehem’ which you totally meant to see. Cool dude Hadley Donaldson is doing the pictures.

Where? The Fringe Bar, corner of Cuba and Vivian Streets
When? 8.30pm 29 February – 3 March
How Much? $16/ $10/ $8
Sorry, Where Again? The Fringe Bar, corner of Cuba and Vivian Streets
How Do I Book Tickets? Just show up, it’ll all be fine. No EFTPOS though.

Who Are You People?

Jonny Potts: Writer and Performer. An actor and stand-up from Wellington. Last year his first play, ‘Skoolnite’, was produced, and the short film he wrote for the V48 Hour Film Competition made it to the Grand Final, where it was soundly beaten. He was the only stand-up comedian based outside of Auckland invited to perform at the recent ‘AotearoHA: Next Big Things’ showcase at SkyCity. Jonny has appeared as an actor in many Wellington productions.

David Lawrence: Director and lighting designer. He is fromWellington and likes cats. David is a multi-award winning theatre practitioner who can do and has done everything associated with theatre. Some of his greatest hits as a director include Antony Sher’s ‘I.D’, the NZ premiere of Sarah Kane’s ‘Crave’ and last year’s premiere ofDean Parker’s ‘Slouching Toward Bethlehem’. Shakespeare plays he has directed include ‘Hamlet’, ‘King Lear’, ‘Henry V’ and, most recently, ‘Julius Caesar’.

Hadley Donaldson: Hadley is a graphic artist and stand-up comedian, originally from Whanganui. He has designed posters for such ‘actually good’ bands as The National, !!!, Yeasayer, Of Montreal and the Shins. These posters have brought him international acclaim. Last year he worked on the short film ‘Fistfull Of Crime’, which was a V48 Hour Film Best Animation finalist, as well as being a Wellington finalist and audience favourite. Hadley is designing our poster, and the images which accompany the show.  

A meaty message from the right

Review by John Smythe 01st Mar 2012

Redolent of a certain self-satisfied and whiney-toned celebrity clinical psychologist,Jonny Potts’ Alan Legtit takes the stage at the Fringe Bar – accompanied by Zed’s ‘Renegade Fighter’ – to prove how dangerous such guru types can be.

His main message is that he’s right, everyone else is wrong and salvation as a parent can only be achieved by buying all his books and DVDs. And not only is he right – he’s far right.

Legtit’s ten point PowerPoint presentation explores and exploits all the vulnerabilities parenthood engenders in pursuit of his goals. Thus we discover when good can be bad and vice versa, why ‘relationship’ is key, what kids are really like, what ‘funishment’ is, who is responsible (and not), what to make of ‘facts’ and ‘figures’, what teenagers really are, how to deal with your dark thoughts, what the media is up to and why Legtit is the answer to everything.  

Apart from taking the proverbial out of someone who presents as a send-up in the first place, The No Nonsense Parenting Show stands as a highly entertaining warning about all charismatic celebrities and the strategies they use to promote their views and, most importantly, themselves.   

Jonny Potts, the writer and solo performer of this highly entertaining gem, directed by David Lawrence, has the manner and mannerisms of this phenomenon down to a tee and the well-timed imagery adds witty sauce to a meaty message. 


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