The Perspective Series 0.1: Witness

Te Whaea - SEEyD Space, 11 Hutchison Rd, Newtown, Wellington

16/02/2024 - 18/02/2024

NZ Fringe Festival 2024

Production Details

Deviser and Director – Georgia Kellett
Composer – Mia Alonso-Green

Knot Theatre

Creator Georgia Kellett explores the relationship we discover with our loved ones who have passed. Witness navigates the shift from embodied relationships to reflecting on memory alone.

Knot Theatre is celebrating bringing their 10th premiered work to you this Fringe. From some of the creative minds behind shows such as Bruises and Burrowers or The Secret Society of Notable Nuisances, Witness will be one of a two-part launch into their alluring new cluster of works titled The Perspective Series.

The Perspective Series 0.1: Witness brings together Pōneke talents in dance, live music, and spoken word story-telling to create a three-dimensional experience packed into a brief 30 minutes. As an audience, you are encouraged to sit back and enjoy as low-lying fog laps over your feet like dipping into a tide pool. Performers bring the space to life, dancing with the fog as if an extension of themselves. Stage and audience meet to build one theatrical world.

To note: Although you will not be asked to enter the stage or directly interact with the performers, you are welcome to touch and interact with the fog. All fog used is non-toxic, but please feel free to contact Knot Theatre if you have any concerns.

Te Whaea National Dance & Drama Centre
11 Hutchison Road
Mount Cook, Wellington
16th – 18th February 2024 at 7.30pm,
18th February matinee at 5.30pm
$18 – $25
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Cast – James Bayliss, Sophie Sheaf-Morrison, Allegra Canton, Aria Leader-Fiamatai, Paige Mowbray, Georgia Kellett and Mia Alonso-Green

Designer – Dannii Kellett
Producer – Georgia Kellett
Stage Manager – Erin Belcher

Dance , Physical ,

30 minutes

A warm hug whilst the waft of soft death flavours the space.

Review by CHLOE JAQUES 17th Feb 2024

Creator Georgia Kellett explores the relationship we discover with our loved ones who have passed. Audiences can expect navigating a shift from embodied relationships to reflecting on memory alone.

The basement of Te Whaea National Drama and Dance Centre tends to offer coldness. It can be a tricky space to navigate in terms of elevating openness, however, six dancers and one musician kindly welcome us into a soft, inclusive space with ease.

A series of dance, live music and spoken word encompass strong themes of loss and death. The essence evolves through the powerful voice of the narrator whilst all performers hold strong eye contact with their engaged audience members. The narrator invites audience members to take a breath. The performers take one with us. I feel safe.

The dancer’s curiosity around the smoke (machine) mimics the stories’ bigger themes, playing with the idea of memories coming and going, existing in a translucent state. The energy is hopeful whilst movement mimics conversations throughout the entirety of the work. A hint of sheer fabric evolves and the performers instantly become more playful and childlike. It’s euphoric.

I was intrigued by the breath work from the uniformed score nearing the middle of the work. A required change of pace leaving me wanting more. The performers were already playing in the realms of presence so perhaps an opportunity to tease out the intensity here. After establishing a safe connection, I imagine audience members interacting with the dancers and collectively moving and working together as one. Another opportunity to engage on a deeper level.

“The funeral was perfect. The smell of gingernuts” trickles through the air. My mind begins to wonder, exploring my own memories of loss. I don’t feel heavy though. We’re offered a moment to listen and reflect. It’s completely thoughtful. Subtle and beautiful.

This work invites vulnerability into what some would consider a darker space. Acknowledging this is a working test in a multiple part series, I would be intrigued to engage in what is to come. Perspective Series 0.1 Witness was only just beginning to scratch the surface.


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