The Rhythms of Ireland

ASB Theatre, Aotea Centre, Auckland

31/07/2010 - 31/07/2010

Baycourt - Addison Theatre, Tauranga

02/08/2010 - 02/08/2010

Production Details

Direct from Dublin 

The Rhythms of Ireland: The Real Culture – The Real Passion.
Due to unprecedented demand, Ireland’s most celebrated show, The Rhythms of Ireland, returns to Auckland to continue with their awe-inspiring and innovative production before heading back overseas.

This Irish Dance show which has been seen by over two-million worldwide amassing an unsurpassed reputation for their stunningly executed performance. The incomparable quality and pure unadulterated spectacle of their work perfectly blends the ancient traditions of Irish music and dance with the innovative and flawlessly choreographed production values of contemporary Irish excellence.

The Rhythms of Ireland stars Anthony Street, with a recorded tapping speed of 34 taps per second and lead male soloist of Lord of the Dance (2003-2007), David Moore, lead male soloist of Riverdance (2003-2005) and Diedrea Kieley, 3 time world Irish dance champion.

Choreographer Michael Donnellan needs no introduction. He is 2-times World Irish Dance Champion, the ex-lead male dancer of Riverdance and Lord of the Dance. He also directed the acclaimed Magic of the Dance.

The Rhythms of Ireland is an international production not to be missed. Experience the fastest Taps in the world in the most popular show of the present.

"The Rhythms of Ireland and its dancer’s are just Brilliant” – Rockhampton Bulletin

ASB Theatre, Aotea Centre, THE EDGE
Saturday 31 July, 8pm
*Service fee will apply   

Lead Soloists:

THOMAS JOHNSTON:  Musical Director
MARTIN O’CONNELL:  Musical Director

Passionate and dynamic

Review by Shanon O'Sullivan 01st Aug 2010

Move over Riverdance, The Rhythms of Ireland kicked up a storm and sent the audience wild with their lightening rhythmical feet and captivating lively Auckland performance. With an award winning cast of dancers and musicians, and director of choreography and Irish dance world champion Michael Donnellan at the helm, you would expect nothing less than the best and the Rhythms of Ireland wasmostcertainly a top class performance.

Visiting from Ireland and nearing the end of their Australasian tour, energy is consistently high as dancers tap, kick and fly across the stage in perfect synchronicity. A series of enchanting and instrumental melodies and harmonious songs from highly skilled and talented musicians and singers provide interludes between the vibrant Irish dancing.

The show commences with a very warm Gaelic welcome. Upon the dark stage a shaft of light illuminates a lone musician. He plays the Uilleann pipes with effortless ease as a sea of emerald green lights arise and swirl across the stage highlighting tall majestic columns with inviting images of Ireland imprinted upon them. As lights fade out the musician ends his melody and an Irish tin whistle commences sweetly from behind the scene. Within seconds lights rise and dancers stride across the stage one by one. Their feet fly with finesse and flair and the sound of their shoes clip succinctly in accord.

From beginning to end dancers weave effortlessly, forming seamless sharp lines and various patterned formations. The effective and distinct use of lighting enhances the performers’ locations in space and their execution of movement. Costumes rich in texture and colour accentuate the dancers’ lithesome forms and provide striking visual symmetry on stage. The performers clap and cheer as music, song and dance flow and their contagious energy is transmitted to the audience who cheer them on enthusiastically. 

Noteworthy highlights include beautifully executed solo and partnered dancers performing a blend of Salsa with an Irish twist. Another routine sees an impressive guitarist strum a melody as a group of male dancers tap with vigour and in synch with the chords. Perhaps with respect to their Australian tour, a musical rendition of Waltzing Matilda with an Irish twist is a lively surprise to the mix. Dancers whoop, and feet and limbs fly off the floor.

For one routine the stage remains dark. Fluorescent lights reveal hats, gloves and shoes that glow in the dark upon the dancers’ forms. Against the black backdrop, shimmering limbs set a fast and furious pace and present an extraordinary visual image.

Exceptional performances by leading soloists Anthony Street, David Moore and Deirdra Kiely are a highlight also as they display strength, precision and humour throughout the show. The Irish fiddle and Bohdran drum contribute to the unique Irish spirit and these musical elements are played with distinction. 

Given the thunderous applause following the grand finale, the Rhythms of Ireland delivers a passionate and dynamic performance and entertains a receptive and appreciative audience. With many heart stopping memorable moments there isn’t a sombre face in the crowd as dancers and musicians take their final bow. Leaving us with a rewarding taste of Irish flair, we hope they return again soon to our shores.


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