The Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadowcast

Hannah Playhouse, Cnr Courtenay Place & Cambridge Terrace, Wellington

17/02/2024 - 18/02/2024

NZ Fringe Festival 2024

Production Details

Created by Richard O'Brien
Shadowcast Directed by Sunita Torrance.

Haus of Flash Ltd from Taranaki

50 years ago, a story was told about the fateful night a newly engaged couple’s car broke down on a stormy night and they went to a nearby castle to call for help.

The events that followed and the people they met is something they will remember… for a very… long… time.

Don’t miss the electrifying extravaganza of The Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadowcast, coming to NZ Fringe Festival 2024!

Step into a world of wild fantasy, dazzling performances, and audience participation like you’ve never experienced before. Join us for an unforgettable night of entertainment, music, and non-stop fun. The Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadowcast is the ultimate celebration of this cult classic, bringing the iconic film to life with a twist!

Let’s do the Time Warp again!

Why should you be part of this extraordinary event? Here are just a few reasons:

Immersive Experience: Watch the beloved film unfold before your eyes as a talented cast of performers brings each character to life. Get ready to dance, sing, and shout along to the unforgettable soundtrack.

Audience Participation: Embrace the interactive nature of the show as you become part of the action. Dress up as your favorite character, shout out witty remarks, get wild with the props kits and engage with the performers throughout the show. Let your inhibitions go and let loose!

Iconic Songs: From “Time Warp” to “Sweet Transvestite,” the soundtrack of The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a musical sensation. Sing along to every word and dance to the infectious beats.

Content forecast: 16+, Flashing Lights, Stage Smoke, Medium Coarse Language, Drug References, Emotional Abuse, Depictions of Violence, Use of Replica Weapons, Death, Psychosis, Simulated Blood, Cannibalism

Hannah Playhouse
Saturday 17 February 2024 @ 7.30pm (only 2 tickets left)
Sunday 17 February 2024 @ 2pm and 7.30pm
General Admission $60.00 Concession $45.00 Fringe Addict 2024 $48.00 Ticket + 5 $65.00 Ticket + 10 $70.00
Ticket Link:
Part of the New Zealand Fringe Festival.

In Order of Appearance:
Usherette Trixie - Chloe Robertson
Usherette Lexie - Jess Tozer
Transylvanians - Daniel McDonald, Nicole Heaysman & Shelby Farmer
Brad Majors - Cody Ogle
Janet Weiss - Emma Glucina
Riff Raff - Sonny Deacle
Magenta - Ari Millar
Columbia - Libby Needs
Rocky - Tatum Mateo Montecastillo
Eddie/Dr Scott - Semisi Vea Sikei

Produced and Directed by Sunita Torrance @ Haus of Flash Ltd
Lighting Design and Operator - Wren Glover
Follow Spots - Sunita Torrance and Madyson King
Venue Tech - Scott Maxim
Venue Operations - Isobel MacKinnon

Movie is played on the big screen and actors lip sync and perform on stage and out in audience.

Theatre , Performance Art , Musical , LGBTQIA+ ,

150 mins

Bright, camp, outrageous and a bloody good night out

Review by Tara McEntee 19th Feb 2024

As an unabashed musical theatre fan, I am thrilled to get the chance to attend The Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadowcast, produced by Haus of Flash, a Taranaki-based performance company specialising in all things drag and burlesque.

Before I kick properly into the review of the production, this show requires some explaining if you’re thinking of attending.

Fifty years ago, The Rocky Horror Show, a musical written by Kiwi Richard O’Brien debuted in London, with a movie adaptation (The Rocky Horror Picture Show) released in 1975. The film was generally reviewed negatively, but quickly became a cult classic, embraced and iterated on by the community who felt a connection to the film. In the story, there are themes of fluid sexuality, diversity, gender queerness and self-confidence. The film found a place in the hearts of the LGBTQ+ community, people who felt like outsiders, misfits and ‘weirdos’ in the late 70s coming together to celebrate their unique identities through the film. Late night showings of the film where movie-goers would act out the parts, heckle the action and use home-made props to add to the experience became common, and from this, the Shadowcast experience was born.

In essence, at any Shadowcast what one can expect is for the movie to play, with actors in full costume and makeup lip-syncing in front of the projection. Audiences are encouraged to join in, dancing along and using a bag of props at specific points in the movie to add to the immersive experience.

The performance by Haus of Flash is slick and sexy – five cast members support us along the journey and join in the action in large group dance numbers, with the rest of the cast playing their respective parts with gusto. Erika Flash as Dr Frank N. Furter is mesmerising, commanding the stage whenever she appears in all her 7-foot dragged-up glory.

A special mention must go to Sonny Deacle as Riff Raff, the long-suffering manservant to Frank, who is energetic and creepy in equal measure – I find myself unable to take my eyes off him at times. The subtleties of his performance provide depth and nuance to the character that is impressive in the context of the spectacle of the show.

The cast are all obviously extremely talented triple threats and I’m surprised to see in the programme how young some of them are. They gad about the stage with confidence and their energy is truly infectious.

During the show, I find myself feeling slightly uncomfortable at times. While the movie is rated M in Aotearoa, the heckles and commentary by the cast are definitely R16. It’s a tough one for me to reconcile. In a 2024 context, I feel a bit icky being encouraged to yell “slut” at the screen when Janet Weiss’ name is said. It’s 2024, I thought we retired slut-shaming ages ago? However, it’s also important to remember the context in which the scripted heckles were born – from the people who had slurs shouted at them in the street.

Attending these shadowcast performances and reclaiming the words that were used to make them feel small must have given them a sense of power and control. Overall the show is faithful to its origins; it’s bright, it’s camp, it’s outrageous, and it’s a bloody good night out.   


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