The Pumphouse Theatre, Takapuna, Auckland

12/12/2014 - 20/12/2014

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Treat your children and whanau to the magical story of The Santa Claus Show. As you plan your lead up to Christmas, we invite you to take a look at the theatrical treat we have on offer in December: The Santa Claus Show– Live on stage.

Kelly and Alana are best friends and decide to write to Santa Claus. But Kelly sends the longest list of things that a child wants for Christmas that Santa has ever seen. Santa flies Kelly to the North Pole so she can learn for herself the true meaning of Christmas.

The Santa Claus Show is the perfect antidote to the commercial tripe on TV and in the shopping malls. Simple, beautiful storytelling, a world of magic with a splash of wonder – close your eyes and become a kid.” Theatreview review Dec ’13

“Tis the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature is stirring, not even a mouse. Kelly, you’ve been chosen, tonight of all nights, to help your friend Santa, so don’t get a fright. You’re our special guest, to help give out gifts, all over the world, north, south, east and west. So hold on tight!” 

Director’s Note from Tim Bray 

I wrote this play twenty-three years ago in 1991 when I first started producing theatre for children as The Central Theatre. It was presented again in 1992, and has been performed every year at The PumpHouse Theatre since 2004. This is the play’s thirteenth production and we warmly welcome you back if this show is a part of your Christmas tradition. Tim Raby, who plays Santa’s stunt double, has played that role in ten of the productions.

In 1991, I dedicated the play to my nieces, Alana and Kelly, who were aged 6 and 3 at the time, by naming the two friends in the play after them.

So, this play is dedicated, with love, to Alana Hawkes (neé Tisdall) and Kelly Bleakley (neé Tisdall), my nieces. And I hope the children who see this show find Christmas to be as happy and beautiful as I did when I was a boy, thanks to my dear Mum and Dad…and to the wonderful magic in this world, of which Santa Claus himself is a part.

Staged at the PumpHouse Theatre in Takapuna  
Monday 8th – Saturday 20th December
with two performances daily at 10.30am and 1pm (except Sundays)
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Santa Claus:  Himself 
Santa Claus’ stunt double:  Tim Raby 
Kelly:  Pippiajna Tui Jane
Elfie:  Adam Burrell 
Alana  / Barbie:  Laura Sanderson 
Kelly’s Dad:  Tim Raby 
Girl  / Pigtail Pam:  Justine Dunsmore 
Dad / Woody / Rudolph:  Andy Manning 
Balloon Seller / Teddy Bear:  Joey Addison 
Twitty - morning shows:  Aimee Laurent 
Twiddly – morning shows:  Devon Laurent 
Twitty – afternoon shows & Gala:  Ava Baynham 
Twiddly – afternoon shows & Gala:  Jacob Hussey 
Shadow Puppets:  Adam Burrell, Laura Sanderson, Barrie Herrold 
Musician:  Kristie Addison 

NZ Sign Language Interpreter (selected shows):  Kelly Hodgins

Director:  Tim Bray 
Set Design:  John Parker
Lighting Design:  Michael Craven 
Costume Design :  Chantelle Gerrard
Choreography:  Linda McFetridge
Stage Manager:  Sarah Burren 
Assistant Stage Manager:  Barrie Herrold 
Lighting / Sound Operator:  Jaz Davis 
Set Construction:  Grant Reynolds 
Costume & Prop Co-ordinator:  Sara Burren 
Props:  Sarah Jansen, Kasia Marcisz, Natasha Pearl, Sarah Burren 
Lighting Crew:  Michael Craven, Jaz Davis, Paul Bennett, Sarah Radford, Zach Howells, Ariana Shipman, Woojin Shin 
Balloon Drop :  Alana Hawkes 
Chaperone:  Alicia Lineham 
Teachers’ Resource Guide:  Rosemary Tisdall - Getting Kids into Books 
Publicist:  Sally Woodfield and Mackenzie Pickert – SWPR  
School & ECC Mailout:  Ken and Margaret Bray
Photography:  David Rowland -
Illustration:  James Stewart 
Print Design:  Stefania Sarnecki-Capper – Red Design 

For The Operating Theatre Trust 
Trustees:  Rosemary Tisdall (Chairperson), Ken Bray, Tim Bray 
Artistic Director:  Tim Bray 
Business Development Manager  Gail Rotherham 
Marketing Manager:  Kirsten Morrell-Reade  
Production and Front of House Manager:  Alyce Lola Stampa 
Youth Theatre Co-ordinator:  Madeleine Lynch 
Youth Theatre Tutors:  Tom Wardle, Laura Sanderson 
Interns:  Lisa Wehr, Stephanie Look 
Trust Bookkeeper / Treasurer:  Lynn Holland 
Trust Accountant:  Rachel Humphrey, H & A Accounting 
Auditor:  Robin Guy

Finally, it’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas

Review by Joanna Page 13th Dec 2014

After a rather trying week the thought of finishing work in time to get Masters Ten Months and Four to The Pumphouse in time for the Gala Performance of The Santa Claus Show had me feeling a tad humbugular. Not so the smalls, and the anticipation of seeing Santa was almost too much. 

I’d heard about Tim Bray’s magical Christmas show from friends who have made it part of their festive-season tradition and now, having seen it myself, I can see why. 

The Santa Claus Show was first performed in 1991. It’s the story of Alana and Kelly, young friends named for Tim Bray’s nieces, who are very different. Alana has just one wish for Christmas – a selfless one at that – whereas Kelly’s wish list would use a ream of paper. When her letter arrives at the North Pole, Elfie, the Chief Elf, chooses to bring her to help Santa with his Christmas Eve task.

This year’s performance is as slick in its simplicity as you could want from a Tim Bray Production. John Parker’s design, Michael Craven’s lighting design and Chantelle Gerrard’s costumes are spot on – particularly for the toy scene. Master Four is enthralled from the get-go. He is impressed that the whole show is signed (by another Kelly: Kelly Hodgins) although he feels bad that some people are not able to hear Kristie Addison’s music.

Part of this show’s appeal is in the way it incorporates a raft of theatrical effects and genres. There’s shadow puppetry, flying beds, a panto-style game of hide-and-seek, and spectacular shrinking of some cast members when they land on rooftops.

The other reason for its success is the cast. This is their third performance of the day, and they are fresh, energetic and utterly believable. The dynamic between Pippiajna Tui Jane’s Kelly and Laura Sanderson’s Alana is utterly credible (and provides a flashback to my childhood); Adam Burrell’s Elfie provides slapstick, great singing and an element of mischief; the little elves Twitty (Ava Baynham) and Twiddly (Jacob Hussey) have cute factor and temper Elfie’s rambunctiousness; the supporting cast members switch from character to character seamlessly.

But the star of the show is Santa (as himself). The audience is overwhelmed with awe from the moment we first hear him – think wide eyes and instant shyness. He’s lucky to have Tim Raby as his stunt double for the 10th year since the show first began. Santa is magical, jolly, and very patient with his Christmas-Eve guest’s expectations. The moment he leaves presents under the tree at Kelly’s house I know I’ll bring my boys back every year from now on. 

Finally, it’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas.


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