Civic Square, Wellington

15/02/2013 - 09/03/2013

NZ Fringe Festival 2013

Production Details

Roll up! Roll up! Lord Curio’s wondrous bicycle soundsystem! An exciting interactive spectacle of street theatre, music, performance, and filthy puppets. 

All shows are at 12pm with the exception of Friday 1st of March which is at 6pm. 

Venue:  Civic Square  

Dates:  February, 15 | March, 1, 2, 8, 9 

Time:  12:00PM except Friday 1 March, 6pm 

Duration:  120mins  

Prices:  Free / Koha   

2 hrs

Bubble pops too early

Review by Nancy Catherine Fulford 17th Feb 2013

The Sausage Circus Soundsystem is beautiful in an edgy, sexy way. It invites musically backed fantasies of old fashioned debauchery with corsets, pipe organs and late night fun. Perhaps it is inevitable that things of this nature leave you wanting. In this case I really do think they could have ‘put out’ a bit more. There was such promise.

Lord Curio and his fair and fanciful female partner-in-pedalling, ride their wondrous bicycle Soundsystem into the Civic Square betwixt and between the bedazzled lunch-time crowds.

Lord Curio pedals upfront, dressed as handsomely as you would expect of any ring-master, with a top hat, ruffled shirt and a fetching line of silver buckles down his handsomely fitted black trousers.  The lady at the back, in her boots and laces, her deeply coloured lips and matching red hat, entreats us to lightly lascivious dance sequences which impress themselves upon my memory.

They pedal in front and behind of the most ingenious and artful music box as you could expect to find this side of the Burlesque era.  The ‘Box of Curious Delight’ is embossed with gold lettering, painted with romantic images of a doomed ship, menacing sea monsters and mischievous dancing skeletons, and finally topped with three outspoken chimneys.  

Together they are a glorious affair to look at, there is no doubt, and the ‘step right up’ baritone voice of Lord Curio wets my appetite further.  So why doesn’t he continue? After a welcome ditty – “Lots of fun for you and all of us … The curious Sausage Soundsystem coming through,” – they park in front of the Art Gallery. I want to see them interact with each other and us in a larger-than-life way for more than a few minutes. It is too early for the bubble to pop. I feel so set up to see some good old fashioned showmanship; why not stay in role?

The makers are obviously excited about launching their creation and begin interacting with the many friends who offer congratulations. This leaves me to focus on the details of the machine and it certainly warrants that. There is a peep-hole to look through but I won’t ruin the surprise that awaits you.

There isn’t anything about the Sausage Circus Soundsystem that I think needs improving, it just needs advancing and maybe that is yet to come and they will eventually capitalise on the performance opportunities at their feet.


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