The Seductobot

Perrets Cafe, Cnr Manners Street & Willis Street, Wellington

02/03/2011 - 05/03/2011

NZ Fringe Festival 2011

Production Details

Beth the scientist would do anything for Trevor. Trevor the philosopher would do anything for Darlene. Darlene the waitress would do anything for Stefan’s money. And Stefan the lawyer would do anything for Stefan.

Enter Sylvie, a hot, leggy blonde who’s more than just nice to look at. She’s a robot, designed by the brilliant Beth for a very specific purpose: to give Trevor a shot with the girl of his dreams.

But what does a socially inept scientist who rarely leaves her lab know about seduction? Leave that up to Wikipedia and online Cosmo.

Unsurprisingly, the best laid plans of machine and men go awry almost instantly – but no one could have predicted how far things would go.

Packed with singing, dancing, seduction, destruction, strange creatures, questionable moral choices, bad customer service and caffeine, The Seductobot is a musical comedy about love – and robots.   

Perrets Cafe, Cnr Manners Street & Willis Street, Wellington

Event dates
02 Mar 8:00pm (Wed)
03 Mar 8:30pm (Thu)
04 Mar 8:30pm (Fri)
05 Mar 8:00pm (Sat)

Full $15.00
Concession $12.50
Fringe Addict Card Holder $10.00

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Commendable attempt needs more polish and precision

Review by Phoebe Smith 03rd Mar 2011

The Seductobot – A Fringe Musical is a madcap tale of love, lust and lobsters with the added bonuses of robotics, lesbians and songs. Because I find many – hey, let’s face it, ALL – of these elements hugely appealing, it was disappointing to find it befuddling, over long and at times hard to hear. 

Salient information may have been included but lost due to the audibility issues, but regardless it was often a struggle to fully comprehend more than the very simple elements of plot, namely the scientist’s creation of ‘the perfect woman’ and the romantic interest between two of our protagonists. 

While writer/director Rose Duxfield has clearly put a lot of time and heart into the script and production, a lot of the songs’ lyrics are inaudible as the actors struggle to maintain volume while staying in key. However Hans Landon-Lane stands out as Stefan, a villainous lawyer, as he maintains audibility and character throughout the show. Robo-Dancers Amy May, Louise Chow and Vynessa Smith are also to be commended for their dance number. 

One of the most enjoyable elements of the Fringe Festival is the wide variety of venues that is imaginatively used throughout. Perret’s Café is an excellent choice of locale for this production. It is a good size, well lit and the performers utilise the bar and barista units comfortably within the play so that they are never fighting against their environment. 

This is an ambitious project that would have been utterly stunning had it been wholly pulled off. As it stands it is a commendable attempt at a cult classic in the Rocky Horror vein, but needs a great deal more polish and precision than it currently holds. 
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