The Solarpunk Archives

BATS Theatre, The Propeller Stage, 1 Kent Tce, Wellington

12/10/2023 - 12/10/2023

NZ Improv Festival 2023

Production Details

Directed by Christine Brooks


Welcome intergalactic citizens! Earth is in its Solarpunk Era. Climate crisis? Partially averted. Capitalism? Fallen. Intergalactic space travel? Not yet discovered. This era is considered by intergalactic anthropologists as a time of sustainability, community care, and social justice, although not without its idiosyncrasies. The Archive is open!” Source: Solarpunk Archive Open Day promotional material.

Come to a show where caring for the planet and caring for people is very cool and very normal. Inspired by the solarpunk genre and the writings of Ursula LeGuin, Becky Chambers and others. Let this weird lil show be a gentle balm for your soul.

The how is cast from a workshop, will be updated here:

12 Oct, 8pm, BATS Theatre

Show is cast from a workshop, will be updated at the link above.

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60 mins

A breath of fresh air that leaves you both relaxed and empowered for environmental change

Review by Shemaia Dixon 13th Oct 2023

Solarpunk is a genre marked by community and renewable energy. It is a movement that shows a shamelessly optimistic image of our future in a world that is so pessimistic about the future. The genre’s anti-capitalist themes and call for radical change make Solarpunk appealing to those who care about climate change (hopefully everyone).

Upon entering the theatre, the packed audience is welcomed to the future Solarpunk era of earth. The host, Christine Brooks, tells us that we will be shown ‘the archives’ and asked for a word to search for in the archive. An audience member supplies the word “potato” which becomes the starting point and throughline of the archives explored in the show.

Then the performers enter. Cast from a workshop, they are: Ciarán Searle, Daniel Alexander Kirkby, Daniel Allan, Gaby Anderson, Hannah Taylor, Jason Geary, Matt Powell, Rik Brown and Liz Talbot. The delightful group of performers draw the audience in as the show progresses.

As the archive is opened, the audience learns about the potato plant’s important role as a clothing material, used in a marriage ceremony that ends with the couple lovingly putting potatoes on each other’s ring fingers as they unite in marriage.

The archives also take the audience through journeys about sun guardians, technology that lets one person experience another’s memories, and trees that serve as AI reminiscent companions. These fascinating trees can provide many services, such as haircuts, but make sure you download the therapy module before asking one for advice! The music sets the mood for each archive beautifully.

The Solarpunk Archives serve as a breath of fresh air. The show reinforces the importance of looking after the environment, but does so with characteristic Solarpunk optimism and creative antics that leave the audience howling with laughter.

Whether you are an avid fan of Solarpunk or have never heard of it, this is one show that leaves you both relaxed and empowered for environmental change.


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