Aotea Square, Auckland

29/01/2016 - 29/01/2016

Production Details

Auckland Live presents

The Station

by Freshmans Dance Crew

Friday 29 January, 7.00pm – 8.00pm
Free in Aotea Square


Welcome to the Station, a place where all walks of life come together, though we don’t know where each has come from or where each other is going for a brief moment we share the same space.

Come along with Freshmans Dance Crew as they use Hip Hop and urban movement to tell different stories of what life is like through various eyes and the conflicts that arise when multiple sets of eyes share the same space. 

The Station is a family friendly show that fuses Hip Hop vocabulary with Pacific dance, Maori inspired movement and Contemporary dance into one melting pot of creativity

Directed by Hadleigh Pouesi
Choreographed by Freshmans Dance Crew
Cast: Jacob Filipe, Harry Maeva, Byron Faaui, Soana Aleva, Hadleigh Pouesi, Chantelle Huch, Donovan Graham, Kimberly Evans, Teeroy Leo-Toleofoa
Front of house: Auckland Live staff
Connect with us at @AucklandLive #AoteaSquare

Cast: Jacob Filipe, Harry Maeva, Byron Faaui, Soana Aleva, Hadleigh Pouesi, Chantelle Huch, Donovan Graham, Kimberly Evans, Teeroy Leo-Toleofoa

Pacific traditional dance forms , Multi-discipline , Maori contemporary dance , Hiphop , Dance , Contemporary dance ,

45 mins

Stories shared in melting pot of dance styles

Review by Camelle Pink 30th Jan 2016

As an event that brings us together, The Station by Freshmans Dance Crew completely fits the bill for Auckland Live’s Summer in the Square. With multiple accents peppering the air and the vibrant hum of people everywhere, we feel the energy of people gathering for an enjoyable showcase of New Zealand dance. 

This hour-long work fuses urban dance styles and is self-named as a melting pot of creativity, and it is just that. Hands down, the music score is to be complimented, not only are there dozens of tracks we know and love, but they are interwoven together to create the framework for this exciting event.

There is a balance between the music telling the story and the moves taking front stage. At times I feel as though I am witnessing a musical, mixed with physical theatre, Pacific dance, and kapa haka, in amongst a host of other styles. This is truly a work of fusion that tests both the audience’s expectations of genre-bending and the dancers’ stylistic vocabulary.

It is particularly enjoyable to see the members of Freshman’s Dance Crew interacting with each other and the audience with pleasure. As the performers get into their show, they relax, and we relax with them. We see their passion for movement and as a result find it engaging and are entertained. Although some daring stragglers wander into the stage space, the performers handle their presence professionally.

While it feels lengthy at times, we are carried forward with the performers through scene splits that are combined with comedic moments and super-charged choreography. They return to the stage time and time again with fresh attack and tighter sequencing. The spoken text section is noteworthy because it is done with skill, but unfortunately it does not compete well with the other music in Aotea Square.

The Station feels like a collection of short stories that are woven together. As a whole it seems to lend us an example of why we should take care, and consider the plight of others, because we may end up in their shoes. To Freshman’s Crew: You give the music a physical form, keep building your strengths and performing your stories. I (as well as the audience) am pleased that you are a part of this year’s Auckland Live Event. 


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