The Three Little Pigs and A Really Cool Wolf

Gryphon Theatre, 22 Ghuznee Street, Wellington

28/09/2010 - 09/10/2010

Production Details

Script by Robert Hickey
Directed by Rodney Bane

Presented by Kapitall Kids' Theatre

KKT’s school holidays show is a new adaptation of The Three Little Pigs story – with the trademark KKT slant! 

After losing their respective homes to the wiles of a certain Big Bad Wolf, the Three Little Pigs go hunting for a new home. As chance would have it, Red Riding Hood’s Granny is just about to move out of her well-appointed cottage. It all seems ideal until Wolfie comes creeping back in to the picture.

George Harach (Aladdin in July Holiday’s hip hop version) is the Wolf, the not so big or bad, Rupert! Returning to perform for KKT again are Frith Horan and Johanna Cosgrove alongside newcomer Shaun Martin are the three pigs, Pancetta, Ham and Chop. Another newcomer to KKT, Robert Bullen, plays Red Riding Hoods Real Estate agent Mum, Toivana, as well as Granny Hood. 

Will the Three Little Pigs save Granny from the greedy Wolf? Will the wolf trap ever arrive from Wizzo Wolf Traps dot com? And will Chop ever get some of that custard that he’s always going on about?

Find out as Kapital Kids’ Theatre presents The Three Little Pigs – and a Really Cool Wolf – a dancing/singing adventure that will keep kids (and their parents!) entertained, enthralled and actively involved. School holiday fun that’ll get you grinning!

Performances at the Gryphon Theatre
at 22 Ghuznee Street
from 28 September to 9 October
– weekdays at 11 am and 1 pm,
Saturdays at 11 am.
Tickets $10 or $9 for groups of 10 or more.
Make your booking. Bookings phone 934 4068
or visit

George Harach
Frith Horan
Johanna Cosgrove
Shaun Martin
Robert Bullen

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Jokes for young and old

Review by Laurie Atkinson [Reproduced with permission of Fairfax Media] 30th Sep 2010

With The Three Little Pigs we are back to the panto approach to children’s shows with jokes for young and old, including lavatory humour with a character called Toi Lett, who is Red Riding Hood’s mother!

The cool, athletic wolf Hugh Mungus (George Harach) is after Granny and the three homeless pigs (make-up and costumes excellent). Pancetta (Johanna Cosgrove), Ham (Frith Horan), and Chop (Shaun Martin) have twirly tails and Pancetta finds her way about the forest with a GPS.

A surprising lot is crammed into this 40-minute long show. Nothing goes on too long though there is one song and dance number with the three pigs that is longer than most and just as well as it contains a scene-stealing funny turn by Shaun Martin as the slightly dim, custard-loving Chop who is always a beat and a movement or two behind the other two.
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A light-weight holiday time-filler

Review by John Smythe 28th Sep 2010

Toilet humour – always a favourite with kids – gets an early outing when real estate agent Toivana (call me Toi) Lett introduces the show. It turns out Toi (Robert Bullen) is the mother of Red Riding Hood and therefore the daughter of RRH’s Granny. What’s that got to do with the Three Little Pigs’ story? Well the Wolf (George Harach) is the common denominator.

Their Pigs’ (or rather the straw and stick ones) have already been blown down before the show starts. That’s why Pancetta (Johanna Cosgrove), Ham (Frith Horan) and Chop (Shaun Martin) have come to Toi – cue song: ‘Pigs Just Wanna Have Homes’. And the new house Toi is offering is her mother’s because Granny is being relocated to Bedsores Manor …

Robert Hickey’s script is light and amusing, as far as it goes, but in the end it lacks dramatic purpose; it just ends when it turns out the Wolf hasn’t eaten Granny after all because she’s fed him the contents of her fridge before moving out. Any sense of a quest – i.e. to get a new home – just disappears as the medium becomes the message.

The cast acquit themselves well. Cosgrove, Horan and Martin are well delineated with Martin offering excellent comedy, not least with his passion for custard. Harach is a wacky Wolf with a mean talent for hip-hop (as per his Aladdin last holidays) and Bullen is nicely low key in drag.

Director Rodney Bane has paced the action well and Frith Horan has choreographed the songs in a lively way – although climaxing the show with a wordless dance does add to the story’s over-all lack of purpose.

Good children’s theatre experiences can be rich, memorable and stimulating. The Three Little Pigs and a Really Cool Wolf, on the other hand, is a light-weight holiday time-filler.
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